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    I only have a few:

    raise children of my own.

    Be able to look back at my life, and be proud.

    Feel truly loved.

    1. Visit the 7 wonders of the world
    2. Go to Venice
    3. Go to Disneyland
    4. Go zorbing
    5. Go on a safari

    1. Travel around the world in 80 days.
    2. Skydiiiiiiviiiiiiiing!

    (Original post by dasolja123)
    Meet one direction!!!!!!!
    I've met Harry Styles, we have acquaintances in common. He was quite quiet, and no one else in the pub at the time knew who he was.
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    Run the London Marathon

    (Original post by HopefulMidwife)
    Lmao, I love your comment about the cheese. Here's some of mine (not in order);

    - #1 - Stay in the Ritz for at least three days, a week preferable.

    - #2 - Go on holiday for the first time ever, by myself.

    - #3 - Go hiking with a pack of dogs, preferably mine (see #4)

    - #4 - Rescue dogs from the shelter. Also including cats and other animals.

    - #5 - Fall in deep, deep love.

    - #6 - Visit outer space, or at the very least; go on that Virgin Galactic thing.

    - #7 - Have a baby. I can’t wait for Motherhood.

    - #8 - Experience the beautiful, crystal clear, tropical seas of the Caribbean. First alone, then with a friend, then with family, then with a partner.

    - #9 - Open up my own animal rescue organisation.

    - #10 - Battle, and overcome, depression, anxiety and the hole in my heart.

    - #11 - Find myself, and find love for myself in the process.

    - #12 - Find the sunny side of life again, and live somewhere where it’s sunny.

    - #13 - Meet Lauryn Hill and/or see her in concert.

    - #14 - Read 7 books in a week; one for every day.

    - #15 - Visit every country in the world. If that’s too ambitious, then maybe just every continent with a few select countries within it.

    - #16 - Become rich (I need funds to achieve these dreams you know!).

    - #17 - Get my license, manual license and full CBT.

    - #18 - Do charity work.

    - #19 - Write a book.

    - #20 - Build my own house.

    - #21 - Travel with my children, husband and pets; if possible.

    - #22 - Educate and inspire.

    - #23 - Learn whatever new skill I am infatuated with at the time.

    - #24 - Change someone’s life.

    - #25 - Turn an animal hater into an animal lover.

    - #26 - Climb a mountain.

    - #27 - Visit Antartica, and see the sunrise/sunset, and night sky there.

    - #28 - Go surfing, see a tornado, experience an Earthquake, witness a Tsunami and watch a Volcano.

    - #29 - Have a Lotus birth (lookituplookitup)

    - #30 - Save a life.

    - #31 - Become a midwife, ofc!

    - #32 - Get into KCL! (almost there)

    - #33 - Get married.

    - #34 - Learn to enjoy my birthdays again.

    - #35 - Give birth with no drugs.
    Love number #28!! :cool:

    (Original post by BeautifullyTragic)
    I've met Harry Styles, we have acquaintances in common. He was quite quiet, and no one else in the pub at the time knew who he was.
    so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    See a Super Bowl in America.

    #Drive a speedboat/ride a jetski/go water skiing
    #Raise an orphan
    #Watch the nothern lights
    #Live in Dubai for about a week in the Burj Al Arab
    #Go to Switzerland and the mountain there
    #Travel across latin America
    #Have an AMAZING holiday in Hawaii and those other Caribbean/ smaller islands like bora bora! ..[WOW.] :rolleyes: I'm dreaming. LOL.
    #Meet SHINee [south-korean boyband]
    #Travel the world
    #Ski in the Alps
    #go snorkelling around coral reefs
    #Ride in a hot airballoon and watch the sunset
    #Go hiking in the Amazon rainforest
    #Go zorbing!/ in the hamster ball thingy on water
    #watch/be in a rocket
    #Learn to say "no" without feeling guilty.

    There's loadsss more I want but can't have so I'll just stop here

    Go to NZ and do all the extreme sports


    - Learn First Aid (Check)

    - Get an A* in a subject (Check)

    - Get a Degree in Adult Nursing (2nd Year of University)

    - Find a job that I truly love

    - Make it to a senior position

    - Donate Blood, at least 10 times (Currently on 8th donation)

    - Join the Organ Donor Register (Check)

    - Join the Bone Marrow Register (Check)

    - Rack up 200 hours voluntary service with St. John Ambulance (Check)

    - Learn British Sign Language

    - Learn to Drive (Check)

    - Run 5K for Charity

    - Finally get to Black Belt in Taekwondo (Currently on Blue Belt)

    Places to go & Things to see:

    - Visit London (Check)

    - Visit all of the UK;

    . England (Check)

    . Ireland

    . Scotland

    . Wales

    - Visit Egypt (Check)

    - Visit Jamaica (Check)

    - Visit Australia & New Zealand

    - Visit South Africa & go on a Safari

    - Go on a cruise

    - Go to a music festival

    - Work as a Qualified Nurse abroad

    - Spend Christmas and New Year abroad

    Experiences & Adventures:

    - Skydive for Charity (Check)

    - Go Parasailing (Check)

    - Bungee Jump (Check)

    - Go on a Canopy tour

    - Ride in a Hot air balloon

    - Climb up a waterfall (Check)

    - Go Camping (Check)

    - Go Potholing (Check)

    - Go Sphearing/Zorbing

    - Swim with Dolphins (Check)

    - Ride on a Camel, in the middle of the desert (Check)


    - Own my own home

    - Own a VW Campervan

    - Plan my own funeral

    Meet Boris Johnson.

    I don't want to do this because it makes me depressed to list things I want to do and realise that I can't really go and achieve them right now...

    But mine would all be based around business, aviation and having fun.

    (Original post by GEEKSruletheworld!)
    Love number #28!! :cool:
    Thank you :-)


    1) Get a first
    2) Do my masters
    3) Be in love with and loved by one person at the same time (magic huh)
    4) Backpack across Eastern Europe
    5) Bruges
    6) Amsterdam
    7) Holiday in the Caribbean
    8) Hot air balloon ride
    9) Complete a tour of literary landscapes (geeky huh)
    10) Write a novel
    11) Get published
    12) Get a dog
    13) Live in London
    14) Lose my shyness completely
    15) Be happy

    (Original post by hannahisasmit)
    1.Find or make these biscuit things I used to eat when I was younger (can't find them anywhere)

    Do you mean rusks? They're really hard biscuits that babies suck and then they're really soft to eat. They sell them in the baby aisle at tesco. Very tasty.

    - carry on teaching English until I've taught in: Russia, Italy, France and one country in South America

    - perfect my Spanish, German, Russian, French and Italian while I'm at it

    - go back to the UK and do a PGCE

    - teach MFL in a school and actually inspire at least one person to take an interest in other languages and cultures

    - get at least one promotion in my life

    -get my driving licence and learn to drive a moped

    - ideally, travel through every single country in the world but if not then every country in Europe and South America

    - give blood

    - do a bungee jump

    - learn how to properly use a camera and take some professional level photographs of my travel

    - get married

    - have kids

    - live in London for at least a year of my life

    - do a working holiday

    - get a dog

    - get really fit and actually have abs

    -learn to cook

    I'm sure there's more...

    1) Walk across USA
    2) Travel across Canada on a train
    3) Travel on the Trans-Siberian railway, on a non-stop journey
    4) Climb K2
    5) Visit Latin America (Patagonia in particular)
    6) Live in complete isolation in a remote place, surrounded by nature, for 6 months.

    There are so many, these are just off the top of my head:

    Get a 2:1/first at uni
    Live in Paris for a year teaching English
    Dance on a real stage
    Write a book
    Travel round the world (or as much of it as I can)
    Become a teacher and inspire young people
    Road-trip across America in a camper van with my friends
    Climb a mountain (maybe just a small one...)
    Northern Lights
    Live in London
    Increase my knowledge of German, French, Latin and Italian to the point where I can call myself fluent
    Learn Russian
    Become a Crew Trainer at McDonald's before I go to uni (hey, it may not sound like much but I'm so close!)
    Go to a full-on rock/metal concert
    Go to a big music festival
    Go back to Wilderness festival
    Go to a Taylor Swift concert (I have diverse music taste, okay?)
    Get full marks in an exam at uni
    Give someone the best present of their life
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