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    German, Art, Geography and Design

    Just pick whatever you enjoy, that's what I've done.

    Don't do ICT... Biggest regret taking it instead of triple science -_-

    History... The knowledge is fun to learn but on my exam board (Edexcel) the exams are rubbish but depending on what board you're being offered it may not be the same however I'm good at history and rubbish at geography so it was a no brained for me.

    I dropped PE after half a year - most boring and pointless thing ever.

    I would have loved to have taken sociology but it wasn't an option

    German.... I do German and erm - just remember to pay attention hahaha.

    ICT gcse is the most pointless thing ever, we were forced to do it and there are things like 'compare dial-up with broadband' (that's on edexcel). Honestly, it's by far best to go for things you enjoy and are interested in. If you like art, it's probably a really good choice for you. I personally hated it but I have friends who look forward to their art gcse lessons all week Personally, I think a language is probably a good thing to have and we were forced to take one. I do German and I like it. Just remember that it's your decision to make and you'll know best what you like

    By the looks of what you have written, you seem to enjoy geography history art and German the most? Therefore I would take them, they Are strong subjects and if you enjoy them that's the main thing! You are more likely to do well in something if you enjoy it😊 I do geography, I used to hate it but I now love it! It's not that hard work to be honest I managed to learn my whole syllabus in a couple of months and be confident with it all (cos I used to never put the effort in geography), and I put in a little bit more effort to go from straight D's to an A* in my coursework! People who did not revise failed and people who did revise passed, simple as that! So if you revise for it your will be fine I promise😊
    All my friends do history and love it, everyone prefers it over geography and get extremely good grades!
    As for art, many of my friends do it... Very stressful but they love it so enjoy it while being stressed
    Good luck with your choices!

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    Well apart from core subjects I take french, german, music, art and geography (I'm just finishing year 10 right now). I was able to take two arts because my school offered us quite a lot of space. My school doesn't offer things like business studies or sociology or any of that so I can't really help you there but I can give some insight into everything else.

    Art and DT
    Seeing as you only have 4 spaces, I would pick one between DT and Art. By the sounds of it you prefer art but I think there's more work involved in it. Don't let that dissuade you though because I have met every single deadline for art this year and have done my documenting pretty much as soon as we've had the lessons or every two lessons or so. It's helpful because when they actually officially set the homework they just tell you to document so it's good to be doing it as you go along and another advantage in that the lesson is fresh in your head so you have more to say. Whereas I have a friend who has been quite sloppy with deadlines and finding the work too much so it's about your own organisation. And in terms of it being useless, it's good to have it on the side for two main reasons:
    1) It's a nice lesson to come into after all the heavy academic based ones
    2) Universities like to see a variety of subjects rather than just purely academic ones.
    So my advice for art is just be organised. Be constantly doing your work following up from lessons and be prepared to come in during lunch or after school to finish your work because at the end of the day it will be displayed as part of your coursework and it's best to finish it in year 10 at the time rather than be finishing everything in year 11 (this year I've seen year 11s come in near exam times just to finish their work from last year when they could be revising so).
    And for DT, my advice is that if you don't enjoy it that much then don't take it because you'll dislike it more at GCSE level. I had the same problem with history. It was one of my strongest subjects but it was my least favourite one and I decided not to do it because I thought if I don't like it at KS3, how will I like it at KS4 and my dislike of it could mean I won't do well.

    Ok so my school makes us do iGCSE for languages so I'm not sure how much it differs from the normal GCSE but as I've said earlier I take both French and German. In KS3 I found French really hard and German relatively easy but now it's swapped around (although it's weird I'm still doing better in German) so all I have to say is listen carefully in class because there's so much more grammar to learn and be prepared to learn it all.
    I think you should definitely take a language though unless you really, really don't want to because it's makes you look good and it's just good to have a language GCSE under your belt.

    You've said that you would take it if there were others you were less interested in but from what I've read it seems as though you're more passionate about other subjects so I wouldn't take it. Also before I joined ICT used to be a compulsory GCSE but now they don't ever offer it at GCSE any more and we don't even have a proper ICT teacher so I think it really isn't that useful or beneficial otherwise my school would have offered it.

    Geography is really good (again, it's iGCSE so I don't know the differences between the normal one and this) but I've liked most of it and there's a good mix between human and physical geography. And you're right. You do get quite a lot of the business related stuff in geography and we had a whole unit of development just focusing on that aspect (with the stakeholders etc)
    My school doesn't offer sociology so I don't really know about it but I think you should take Geography?

    If you like it, I think you should take it because it's a good GCSE to have and like Art, I don't think the work should be thaaaaaaat bad if you keep on top of it. But I think you should probably really listen in class if you take it and really learn the exam techniques (geography also requires a bit of exam technique)


    I think PE GCSE is more the theory of PE itself so I don't think it's really like actually playing the sports but I'm not too sure as it's not offered by my school but I don't think you should choose it especially when you have those other subjects you like.

    Based on what you've said and my own experience I think you should pick History, Geography, Art and German and it's a good mix between humanities, arts and languages which universities like and you also seem to like the subjects which is always a really good thing.

    Sorry for my super long response but I thought I'd go in depth and offer some tips picked up from my own experiences to help you.

    Good luck.
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