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Soo upset need some motivation ! Watch


    (Original post by Chicago)
    So if I did Mechanics and you did Stats would one be seen better as the other or are the A levels worth the same
    Mechanics is seen better as it earns u more respect

    English lit exam advice:
    Choose 3 or 4 key points to directly answer the question and PEAL
    P) make a point: referring to what the question is asking
    E) give examples, just phrases or words, not long sentences
    A) analyse, what does that show? Different connotations associated to it, different techniques used etc
    L) link your point and analysis BACK to the question so the examiner knows your answering it

    It helps to learn the whole plot of the book and whereabouts certain/key events take place in the book so your not frustratingly flicking through pages to find one quote in the exam.
    Mindmap possible themes that could come up eg poetic techniques, characters etc

    Again, pick a few points and PEAL. if you have to compare poems, make sure you do that!
    Look at the use of language, structure, punctuation, and to hit the top band give your own interpretations, why do YOU think the poet did that? give unique ideas. Could there be more than one meaning?
    Provide a short 1 sentence intro and all-in-one conclusive sentence/sentences for your conc.

    For eng lang.
    - vary sentence lengths
    - vary punctuation and use it correctly
    - use different and interesting adjectives, adverbs etc
    - use techniques such as alliteration, similes, oxymorons etc (dont go overboard), rhetorical questions are effective
    - make sure you are coherent and concise (use of paragraphs)
    - make openings and endings appealing (you dont want an anti climax)
    - remember what sort of text your writing eg to persuade use phrases such as "I understand that.... You may feel..." or to argue eg "on the other hand"

    - Read the texts through once, highlight, underline, notemake whatever you need to do
    - dont just look at the text, look at the layout is it a leaflet/letter/article etc?
    - remember to use those key technical words eg satire, hyperbole, sub headings
    - its a good idea to just briefly look through the questions before reading the whoke thing if you want to
    - when answering questions, it helps to actually look at the question. It may tell you what text to look at/ what paragraph/line. Do you need to advantages/disadvantages, describe, explain? How many marks is the question?
    - give simple, but concise answers, dont blab on. But if you have to explain make sure it is detailed.

    I got high grades at GCSE in eng lit/lang and took eng lit for a level, so if you need any more advice/help , feel free to pm me!

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