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    I don't do FM but I do maths, chemistry and physics. I can say that Maths is definitely easier IF you can get your head round things.

    As most people have said it depends on the person.

    However, with science there will be a lot of remembering long answer questions whilst maths does not have that. Then again, science has a lot of repeated long answer questions in the exam papers so really I think it just comes down to whatever you enjoy.

    I do Maths, FM, Physics and Chemistry, and physics and chemistry are much harder. With maths you have formulas and concepts to understand whereas in science you have to understand them and explain why. Explaining is usually the much harder then understanding it.

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    (Original post by dd1234)
    So how big is the jump from GCSE and what are interested in doing in the future?
    I don't think there's much of a jump, it carries on quite nicely imo. I did struggle with Mechanics at first though but I got my head round it in the end The first unit you do (C1) is basically GCSE stuff with the introduction of a few new topics.

    I want to do maths at uni What other subjects are you thinking of picking?

    (Original post by dd1234)
    I'm going to do economics, english lit and a language What subjects do you do?
    That's a nice mix I also do Spanish and Business

    (Original post by HannaBelle)
    I am not even over-exaggerating when I say this but besides the typical subjects of Maths and Science, I think A-level Media Studies (preferably one generated from WJEC) is the one of the hardest A-levels by far.

    I think Media Studies doesn't play with your mind as heavily as figuring out equations in Science and Maths but definitely, Media Studies does test you on your ability of structuring precise essays with examples and spitting out fast responses in an exam from ANY media text from a WIDE range of theories, audience categories and so on in reference to mediums such as TV shows, films and video games etc...

    Don't get me started on A2 Media Studies specifically! I think only the people who have taken Media Studies and is currently undertaking the A2 course will understand me! I hope...
    I must say I found WJEC a hard exam board

    Think of it like this - with two sciences, you are learning two different things. For example, the content in biology and chemistry differs a lot. With maths, it all involves maths. The advantage with maths and further maths is that you can choose which modules you do and you can learn a topic in depth. There isn't an option for that in biology and chemistry - you learn what everyone else learns and can't choose modules. With further maths and maths, you have to do C1-4 [core, pure maths] and can do M1-5 [mechanics], S1-2 [stats] and specialise in mechanics.
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