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State your best and worst attributes :) Watch



    Best things:
    Bit arrogant.

    Worst things:

    There are none.

    (Original post by Elm Tree)

    The Good
    Grasp concepts quickly
    I think I'm somewhat amusing
    I can entertain myself
    Good Listener

    The Bad
    Somewhat arrogant - but can you blame me?
    Don't come to me for emotional support
    Don't click with the majority of people
    I want to rep you again and again for that one comment but have none to give

    (Original post by Maid Marian)

    I'm loyal and honest.
    Very down to earth.
    Think I have a good sense of humour.
    I'm a good friend.
    Very ugly.
    Can be very clingy.
    Very shy.
    Very very self conscious.
    Poor social skills.
    Regardless of what you look like I can already tell you lack confidence and self esteem. The one thing I like about myself? Positive attitude and always smiling, honest to god if you feel positive about yourself, you'll feel a completely different person, try it (:


    - I'm organised and try to do my best in everything
    - Loyal and honest to people
    - I'm good at giving advice

    - I worry about little things
    - I keep things bottled up then have breakdowns
    - I get stressed easily
    - Self conscious
    - Lack of confidence
    - I do sometimes feel like giving up on everything

    (Original post by Octohedral)
    I thought it would be interesting for people to say what they were most and least proud of about themselves, to compare how people honestly identify as members of society. It can be almost trivial things - anything you feel is relevant. It might also help to state your gender and age.


    AGE: 20
    GENDER: Female

    Best things
    - I believe I would do the right thing in most everyday moral dilemmas, even if it didn't benefit me. I genuinely want other people to be happy.
    - I think I'm good at being laid back, particularly where it comes to taking insults well, and letting certain things go.
    - I'm good at maths, and try to work hard at it.

    Worst things
    - Can be very over-confident and arrogant. I try to keep this hidden in front of other people, but at heart I have a massive ego.
    - Physical laziness. I've always been unfit, and have never followed through to get fit. Yet.
    - I have the social skills of a zygote.

    The above are my replies - feel free to add your own. I find it interesting to see how people view themselves.
    How strange... My best and worst qualities are almost identical to yours, including the bits about morals and being good at maths. I guess the only difference with me is that I'm not physically lazy but do procrastinate a LOT.
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