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    I'm relatively attractive, but now that I'm a bit more experienced I can totally see the appeal of paying to sleep with a hot guy who is awesome in bed as opposed to prancing about to attract a guy who might end up being rubbish.

    Obviously I would only do it if I had a lot of money though ...
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    Okay get things straight I don't do homosexual men you can advertise to say what you do, me I do women from 18 to 50 but it is mainly women who do it but you'll be surprised by the amount women who ask for it, so far its women coming out of relationships or business women. I don't do dinner dates or any of that kind of thing, I meet in the town centre, organise where to go, do it get paid and that is it.

    I have started since mid September so as for the question on my sex life, I have females friends, clients so yeah its a lot, mind you not all clients are that good. I am already questioning what i'm doing is right all the time and I haven't told my friends or any of my family about it because I am worried how they would react but on the positive my sex life has improved massively and I actually enjoy meeting some of the women. oh I don't know.

    How did you get the job? I'm hoping to do the same thing to fund myself through uni but cannot find any opportunities?

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I don't really know where to place this topic in the forum, post it here because of the privacy setting and some what about relationships.

    Anyway as the title suggests, I am about to become a male escort. The reason doing this is to help fund my way through university. Now I have a good sex life, without boasting I have sex at least 3 to 4 times a week.

    I know how to treat a woman, getting them into bed with me is pretty easy as majority of men act like plonkers towards women so they flock to me.

    The thing I am most worried about is my reputation, do you think its sleazy of me to have sex for money? I really hate to have some boring ****ty bar job. also if the university finds out do you think they would kick me out or be okay with it?
    You're literally only going to be able to make decent money if you offer your services to men. Good luck, let me know how your ass feels in a months time.

    I can't see much of a market of this with women.

    why are they going to pay for it, when they can easily get it for free elsewhere?

    could someone answer me that?

    Thread resurrection peace.
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