HAARP : development of weather control weapons? Watch

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(Original post by Extremotroph)
How often is it blue sky round by where you live? For me, most days there is horizon-horizon of white sky. The sun is blocked out over 90% of the time. Though I can admit I am not knowledgeable on the science of the weather, I relay only what I see.
And I apply knowledge gleaned from studying aeronautical engineering, met knowledge from light aviation and experience from within the RAF to various stories. They often fail to make sense.
Do aircraft create vapour trails? Of course. You can see them. Do they sometimes disappear quickly, sometimes linger? Yes. Is there any reason to believe that that's because these are due to extraneous chemicals dispersed by agencies - for reasons passing understanding? No.

Anyway, like I said, my post was making a joke at those who'll believe anything because it appeals to their ideals of wanting to know/understand everything.
Mad Vlad
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(Original post by GnomeMage)
So the US invented microwave pulse weapon to manipulate weather and use it as a weapon ? The Typhoon that hit Philippine is created by these weapons so that US can re-establish their base at Philippine which has been shut down not long ago.

It's an unclassified scientific research program that looks at the ionosphere. Conspiracy theorists seem oddly attracted by collections of antennas ...

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