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stressed about bloody christmas presents watch


    I think you're husband won't understand no means no until Christmas day.

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    I'm never getting married :eek:

    Definitely an annoying situation as it seems like your hubby is being a tad childish.

    Why not set a reasonable price range for each other? E.G max £50 - you could set a low budget and maybe agree that the remainder of the money you WOULD spend on each other, you'll put towards the family holiday each? E.g £50 on each other and £100 each towards the family holiday.

    However don't let him guilt trip you, especially as he's just got 2 new transformers!!

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    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    Well he collects them, he doesn't sit any play with them. I collect vintage Rupert the bear annuals myself but I'd never get one if we were saving for something else (as we are now).

    I've told him he's not getting a PS4 or an expensive transformer for Christmas. Whether he believes me or not is another matter, but I've told him anyway. I think he's a bit wounded but he'll have to get over it.

    We've decided to get a Wii console for the kids from Santa. Not one of the new ones, one of the original consoles. As a joint present for them all. Hubby can get another set of controllers for himself and he can play with the kids.
    He will just have to get over it that he isn't getting the PS4. He should also learn the difference between needs and wants, hobby collections are always in the latter category.
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    Those are some high expectations he has! I understand that he loves Christmas, but it can be fun without spending a fortune!

    By the sounds of it, he isn't really into long-term planning when it comes to money. He should understand that you are trying to save up for some time away for your whole family. In order to achieve that, you cannot keep spending and spending on his hobby. You've already been more than generous for his birthday, so perhaps you can sit him down and discuss the holiday you've planned for next year and explain that this means cutting down a bit on Christmas presents? The holiday is something he'll benefit from too, after all.

    If you put it like that and set a limit on how much you'll spend on the other's Christmas presents, it will stop him from sulking. He's 37 years old and he should know by now that money doesn't grow on trees . Good luck!
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