Liverpool, Leicester or SOAS? (I'll rep) Watch

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(Original post by ActusReus)
how does SOAS compare to southampton? I heard it used to be ranked in the top 10. I need to decide which one to firm.
If you want to do a course that is related to Asia or Africa (or if you want to do modules that are related to the regions), then I'd err towards SOAS, but otherwise Southampton usually comes out best overall.
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(Original post by ActusReus)
All it comes down to is which is better regarded.
Frankly there is no significant difference between them.

SOAS will mark you out as being interested in things African or Asian. That is the most distinctive course and might not be the most helpful if looking for a training contract in a private client firm in Scarborough or Stamford.

Liverpool generally has become the butt of academic jokes as it uses its Russell Group status as a prop, but that doesn't seem to be out in the wider world and many employers like the big northern redbricks.

Does Southampton have a university? Southampton is pre-eminent in maritime law but it and Reading are probably the least well known of England's older universities. Outside of shipping do not expect a lot of brand awareness with Southampton.

Leicester currently has a lot of brand awareness (digging up dead monarchs helps) and has a very strong faculty. I think you will see an awful lot of partners in provincial law firms with Leicester degrees. I am not sure it counts for so much in the City.

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