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Is the BBC an impartial news source? Watch


    No reporting is unbiased, but since every side of every debate accuse the BBC of being biased in favour of the other side (while the other side is simultaneously levying the same accusation) I would say they do a fair job of being neutral.

    Yes, I think the BBC does hold a bias, specifically a liberal bias. The job of a news organisation should be to only report facts, such as "today the Queen fell over."

    The second they begin to start making judgements, such as, "The Queen fell over today. Does this mean our monarchy is failing?" Etc., they become biased and null.
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    (Original post by nersha)
    Or has it degraded to simply spin the PR, agenda and massaged statistics to benefit the coalition government?

    The reason I ask is in my eyes, the reporting over Syria, Ukraine was portrayed in a pro-military action way. Leaving out key points such as the 'acting' government of Ukraine took power by force. They didn't investigate the possibility that it isn't right to support a government who took power this way.

    Another example. Today's headline "After 6 years, wages catch up with inflation" -

    However read on and you can see this is including bonus payments, which the majority of workers do not receive. If these are not taken into account, wages are still below inflation figures. Not to mention this is using averages, which get skewed by the highest earners in the economy. Furthermore they are choosing to use the CPI (Consumer Price Index) figure to calculate inflation, which doesn't consider housing costs which are a huge portion of working to middle class salaries.
    A more fair representation would be to use RPI (Retail Price Index) which includes housing costs in the inflation figure - But this would not suit the BBC agenda to make the government appear like they're fixing the economy. Of course because RPI shows a higher inflation figure, this is what companies use to justify their price rises 'in line with inflation'
    The BBC does have some bias but it generally presents stories in factual ways regardless. I'd say it's broadly biased towards supporting government but also towards liberalism which is probably a reflection of the population having a pro-liberal bias themselves.

    On the whole it's still by far the best news broadcaster though.

    I can never see myself taking the BBC seriously; it wasn't until this Ukraine Crisis that I could see such bias and misinfomation.

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    There have been some studies on it in more recent times by the likes of Cardiff University:

    It shows interesting things like Conservatives to Labour getting nearly 4:1 airtime with the coalition in government compared to less than 2:1 for Labour to Conservatives when Labour were in government.

    There was a study in I think 2010 or 2011 about the stories they ran from other papers, and it showed the BBC buys a lot more from left-wing outlets than from right-wing outlets.

    You can play with these all you want and say well the airtime could be affected by support for the individual Prime Minister; or suggest that The Guardian and The Independent are just better quality papers than The Daily Mail and The Sun. The magnitude of factors affecting news and comments reporting means it's incredibly difficult to create an 'unbiased' news outlet even if you try.

    Ultimately though, it is one of the least biased news outlets out there relatively speaking even if not on an absolute scale.
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