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    AQA seem to have a real problem with units 2 and 5. Last year some people in my class who were better than me got Us in unit 2 for french and german and I got a low a and a b. Maybe its just luck... The same problems happened this year with unit 5. I got almost full marks for units 4 and 6 but an e for unit 5 in german, which was meant to be my best paper. Thankfully it didn't cost me my grade and i got an A overall. (Yay!) This situation is so unfair, my school complained to AQA about the as results for several years and the paper changed so in Jan 2006 you only had to write one essay for unit 2 instead of 2 before but it doesn't seem to have made much difference to the marks. However after plenty of practise (taking FRO2 3 times, lol) i got full marks in the end!

    For my French A-S level
    Unit One - B (as expected)
    Unit Two - U (not even a high one! completely unexpected - was expecting an A/B for this as is best paper and felt I did well on it.
    Unit Three - D (but high and was expecting this as I'm not great at speaking French

    The essay paper is so completely unexpected so I don't know what went wrong...

    We had problems with FR02 at my school last year. All 7 of us got Us (I got 25/90) in French paper two. We got it remarked..I went up to 35/90..still a U.. then retook in Jan and got 88/90! Two others retook and also got As. My French hadn't improved loads, I'd just learned how to do the exam..It's ridiculous how they mark it, but hey.. :rolleyes:

    Hey, ive just got my AS french results and managed this:

    Reading/listening - 96/105 A
    Writing - 30/90 U(!!!!!!!)
    Speaking - 84/105 (A)

    However just managed to scrape a B overall!
    I dont understand it as i thought my worst section was my speaking! How can i get two high A's and a U?

    Was talking to other people from my college who did French and turns out quite a few of us scored really lowly...one of my mates only got 26?

    Anyway the college have sent all of them back for remarking but i just cant understand it!! :confused:

    I got AAA for the French modules, but borderline for Mod 2.
    ABA for German modules (A anyway - thank God...) and ACA (but A overall - woo!) for Spanish modules. So I think the essay is the hardest...

    As I seem to be one of the few who actually did ok on the essay (77/90 A) maybe I can help. Someone said earlier in the thread about 'learning how to do the exam' and with the essay especially I think this is important. My grammar is absolutely crap, but my teache made sure I knew that you get marks for stating a fact about Germany, then you back up this fact with your opinion on it. So you can't get good marks on the essay without having lots of content, having specific content and stats about Germany, and finally having your own opinion about it. My essay in the exam, basically followed a fact and opinion structure.

    Maybe that's where people are dropping marks? Sorry if that was patronising and you guys knew that but it might be that that is the problem.

    AS: Yep, ACA.

    It's just the nature of the exam. The essay's all technique. I did no practice.

    The essay papers are really hard. The trick is to shove as much knowledge of the country as you can in, with lots of opinions. We all got E's and U's first time we did it for AS. Thankfully we all (including the teacher) learnt from our mistakes.
    As for the coursework (unit 5). That's just impossible. I tried really hard on it too.

    French - B (455/600)
    Unit 1 - B (80/105)
    Unit 2 - A (77/90) Resit
    Unit 3 - A (93/105) Resit

    Unit 4 - B (74/105)
    Unit 5 - D (49/90)
    Unit 6 - B (82/105)

    I hated the essay paper; it was my worst module for AS German. Think I scraped a B on it.

    I hadn't noticed anything 'unusual' or whatever for Unit 5 though - but I did the coursework option.

    I got 100% on German Unit 2 but I came out of the exam thinking I'd failed it... the structure was crap, the grammar wasn't excellent, but I went on about Germany leading the way in Kyoto Protocol targets etc so it's a bit of a joke really. At A-level they should be testing your ability in the language, not so much your knowledge of topics or ability to jump through stupid hoops.
    I thought I did alright on Unit 5 this year... apparently not.

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