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    its difficult when somebody tells you their results and you dont know their usual standard or what they were expecting...

    like if somebody gets BCC and i dont know them that well, im not sure what to say because if i congratulate them etc it might turn out they were really dissapointed, but i obviously cant say anything that isnt positive because it might have been what they were expecting or better..

    i usually have to get round it by asking "did you do well?" to begin with, so i can judge how they feel about their results, but i cant do that if they tell me their results rather than me asking them to begin with (which is probably more likely if i dont know them really well) :rolleyes:

    If anyone asks me my results i just say that i'm very happy with them. Obviously they still ask what grades, and are amazed (i'm the more academic of my friends), i got AAABB so not even half as good as some people on here!
    However ALOT of people i know have got Us, Ds, Es and are really upset and may have to retake the entire year. Also all of the people i know predicted straight As have got at least one B, so are really pissed off at that. I think im the onl one whos content and happy with there grades!

    Lots of customers at work ask me what I got (they know I'm the 'Summer Holiday Job' one), and I'm a bit reluctant to say. I always say 'I got where I wanted to go' or 'I got into my first choice' as I know a lot of people who ask do so they have children or grandchildren who've also got results and I don't want to have done substantionally better/worse than them, and end up in a tricky situation.

    I knew what grades my friends needed and expected, and what they'd be pleased with, so that was fine (and almost everyone did really well, so that's good!), but with people you don't know, it's hard. I agree, Autumn Child.

    I agree, if someone asks me how I have done I always just say that I have done well, I don't like to look like I am bragging so I avoid saying my actual results unless someone explicitly asks.

    That's a good answer! I wish I'd thought of that.

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