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Training to be a teacher, but my boyfriend has mental problems and uses cannabis.. Watch


    When my boyfriend and I first got together (5 years ago) we both smoked cannabis on a regular basis, eventually I stopped due to his smoking getting out of control: he ended up suffering from severe mental problems due to his cannabis use, including psychosis and depression. AND I WANTED MORE FROM LIFE!! Now i'm studying to become a teacher...
    It shows integrity and bravery to quit an addictive substance and go for something more worthwhile in life. I salute you.

    He managed to go from smoking everyday to once a month- a real achievement! But while I've been working hard, his use has crept back up... he's now smoking at least once a week- although he does not believe me when I tell him how much he is smoking. But he refuses to keep any sort of record so continues to tell me that I'm lying.
    So no one apart from me really knows how much he smokes. His friends and siblings who he sometimes smokes with don't know, and neither do his support workers (as he believes i'm making it up so he won't tell people).
    If he is suffering from psychosis and depression, he should be under the care of the local mental health authorities. Putting you as his sole basis of support is allowing the situation to materialistic into something graver. You need to get in contact with those who can help and support him.

    I want him to cut right down as it affects his health and personality. I also don't want to be around it when I am working as a teacher. I have said to him that he could smoke occasionally- like once a year, but that if he's still smoking when I qualify we'll have to break up. He keeps saying it's a silly thing to break up over, but I've been working so hard and don't want him to ruin this for me. I already feel that I need to teach in a different town so none of the parents will recognise me from weed smoking days..!!
    If he thinks that this is a simple thing to breakover, your relationship is doomed anyway.. He needs help and its clear that you can;t give it to him. How old is your boyfriend? Can he do the Prince's Trust? They have a great scheme to help people stay clean..

    He hasn't been making progress and has even started lying to me about smoking in the last few months... Until I qualify and get a job, I am financially dependent on him, so I don't know what to do...?What can I do to let him know I'm serious about leaving if he continues, but at the same time don't want him to kick me out while I have no where else to go.
    Its unethical to drain someone who is unwell of their finances, even if it is for a worthy cause such as teaching.. You really to consider that if you are reliant on your boyfriend for support, then you yourself may not be ready for teaching.
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Updated: July 5, 2014
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