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Tendulkar vs Lara? Watch

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    Lara for me. I'm probably older than you lot, though.

    (Original post by CompSci89)

    Those two back to back hundreds in Sharjah 1998, including final.

    World cup semi final 2011.

    A hundred in a final 1998 in Sri Lanka.

    100 CB series final 2008 vs Australia.

    67 vs South Africa Titan cup final, was the highest scorer.

    Vital 50 in must win game vs WI in WI 2001.

    Vital 50 vs Pak world cup 1992.

    98 vs Pak world cup 2003.

    193 vs England Headingly 2002, won game.

    100 vs England chasing 380.

    155 vs Warne India 98 facing a deficit.

    Not all great knocks can win matches,

    He has scored hundreds in losing causes such as his 169 vs Donald in South Africa when India wads reduced to 54-5, his world cup hundreds in 2011 vs England and South Africa, his 140 odd vs Pakistan chasing 330 odd in a losing cause in 2004, his 140 odd chasing 350 odd vs Australia, his 62 in world cup semi final Sri Lanka 96. His 136 vs Pakistan chasing 274 when the team was 83-5.

    Most test and odi hundreds, most runs ,most world cup runs, most man of the match awards.

    Where was Lara in must win games in all world cup's? And again against the best side in the world vs Australia 2000/2003 and 2008? Not to forget Tendulkar bowled Lara out in Hero Cup final 1993!
    No-one gives a **** about pyjama cricket.

    Then why do millions, billions watch world cup cricket? Wishing their country would win the world cup, 90,000 fans packed in MCG to watch Australia vs New Zealand world cup final, India vs Pakistan record world audience.

    Lara has never scored a hundred against Wasim, Waqur or Donald! in test cricket Best bowlers since 1990's Neither has faced Ambrose or Walsh!
    Lara averages 30 vs Pakistan,
    Lara averages 33 in India dustballs,

    Tendulkar has a HIGHER average in test cricket than lara against AUS, SA, NZ, ENG, Sri Lanka.

    Tendulkar has a higher average away from home than Lara: 55 compared to Lara's 48.

    Tendulkar has hundreds against every great bowler, in australia against McGrath, Warne, In South Africa against Donald, against Murali, against Ambrose, Walsh, Against Wasim Waqur in test cricket.

    Tendulkar is ranked number 7 of all time is Wisdem cricketer of top 25, 2nd all time Wisden bastman, Donald Bradman 11, Beneud 11....Lara is not even these legends 11 or any Wisden top 10.

    Tendulkar based on facts, evidence, stats is the better batsman.

    (Original post by cole-slaw)
    No-one gives a **** about pyjama cricket.
    Haha, funniest quote ever.

    Then why did Imran Khan say nothing would bring Pakistan euphoria than a world cup win? Riaz crying after getting knocked out vs Aus QF, India cricket taking off like a rocket due to their world cup win in 83, Sri Lankan cricket taking off the roof with their world cup win in 96. Nothing is like a world cup win, winning the world cup, is winning the WORLD cup.

    Every New Zealander watched that amazing semi-final against South Africa, which you could clearly see the South African players crying and that is how much a world cup win would mean to them and the country.

    That's how much a pyjama tournament means to these people and the country. You answer me that.

    For me they're about even in terms of talent. Bit of a cop-out answer I know.

    That said when I was doing my UG I had a framed portrait of Brian Lara above my telly. I prefer him as a cricketer in general because he was so much more attractive to watch in full flight. That lazy backlift and point toward two o'clock before bringing the bat through true as anything. A master entertainer and a real gladiator in a dying team. I am biased because he was very much the newsworthy batsman of my life, with me sitting through the greater portion of his 375, 501* and 400* innings. His 1994 season was just incredible.

    Sachin was arguably the greatest modern exponent of classical batting. It's easy to admire and yet, in the light of recent innovators, difficult to completely warm to. He could flash and jab and accelerate, absolutely, I'm not taking away any of his weapons. On his regular day he was just a very good, fluent, textbook batsman.

    I don't think it's fair to compare batsmen who played 25 years apart and I haven't seen much of Bradman aside from grainy reel footage. His averages in all forms suggest a master of his craft but I can't call him my favourite or the best.

    Brian Lara is probably my favourite batsman of my lifetime. Shiv Chanderpaul arguably the most underrated (I like unorthodox players). I have a lot of admiration for the technically superior Rahul Dravid and the statistically superior Jacques Kallis. If I had to pick someone it would be Lara, with nods to the above, Steve Waugh and Kevin Pietersen.

    Tendulkar for me and I'll provide clear reasons on cricketing terms.

    As a poster stated, Lara has never scored a hundred against Wasim, Waqur or Donald wereas Tendulkar has and faced Ambrose, Walsh.

    Lara's average gets boosted by his 400, 375 scores which were dead rubber matches and his average went below 50 a couple of times in his career, These are 3 things that go against him and Lara also flopped in the Australia series in 2002, 2008, South Africa series 98.

    Also Lara has failed in odi finals and world cup must win matches, which Tendulkar has not.

    Tendulkar made a risk to play with tennis elbow Australia series 2004 which lowered his average and other times he got the better of McGrath such as the 99 and 2001 series.

    (Original post by Badshah)
    I've always loved Lara and his technique. On the other hand, I was never a big fan of Sachin. I'm not denying his greatness or anything... It's just that he never quite appealed to me in a way that Lara did, so I have Lara over Sachin 24/7.
    So by your logic, you are only going to go for a player who is very appealing to you? I find Gilchrist, De Silva, Sehwag appealing, the latter who could destroy attacks at will, are they better than Lara or Tendulkar? Absolutely not!

    (Original post by cole-slaw)
    Lara was just a run machine. People forget how there was a 10 year period when every time he came to the crease you just expected him to score a ton, and probably a big one, and probably quickly, and this was often against some scarily good bowling. He scored his runs at a strike rate of over 60. You'd be winning the test, Lara would come in, then 2 hours later you'd be losing.

    Tendulkar was a very good middle order batsman for a long time, but he never scaled the peaks that Lara reached. For a famous batsman he has very few memorable matchwinning innings.
    These big tons came in dead rubber matches and against England.

    Some scarily good bowling? What? Lara has no hundreds against Wasim, Waqur or Donald.

    Matchwinning? Tendulkar has more hundreds in match winning innings than Lara has.

    Memorable innings, Tendulkar has more, his 2 hundreds in Australia 92 and against South Africa in 92 were good as anything seen, not denying Lara'a 153 not out, which was the result of great bowling of Walsh, otherwise West Indies would have been chasing over 400. Also as another poster mentioned Sachin's 100 while chasing 380, his 134 vs Pakistan 99, his 116 vs McGrath, Warne 99, his 169 in SA 96, his 145 vs Steyn, his 155 vs Warne 98.....so Tendulkar has more memorable innings than Lara.

    You are just blindly supporting Lara and please don't tell me about memorable match winning innings because Azhar Mahmood has an innings which is in the Wisden top 10 and Laxman has 281, are they better than Lara or Tendulkar.........no.

    You are still on this forum and I bet you won't answer to this and you have not given any clear explanation for your choice.
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