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    (Original post by Kash24411)
    Ah i see where you're coming from, haven't actually seen Dexter yet always get caught up with other shows like at the moment i am watching games of thrones which is getting really good currently on season 3. Also i am currently watching Prison break on season 2 but haven't watched an episode in ages...

    Waiting for walking dead to return this October really excited for season 5
    I get hooked once I get started. Ive watched Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sopranos, 24, Walking Dead, Ray Donovan, True Detective, Prison Break, The Wire and probably a couple more I cant remember. Breaking Bad and Dexter are definitely the best I've watched, Breaking Bad has got the edge imo but Dexter is not far behind.

    (Original post by Sabertooth)
    Tbh it wasn't just the final episode which I found disappointing, the whole season felt disjointed and a let down. Stuff like Masuka's daughter and Zach had potential for development but then weren't really used so it seemed pointless. The final episode was like "go to x", "go to y" etc. I can't remember who said it (I think it might have been the director of season 1) but I liked the idea that all the Dexter episodes are Dexter thinking back as he sits in the electric chair. But becoming a lumberjack? I do get all the stuff about isolation being what he deserves etc but I still don't like it.
    Yeah I see your point, I totally agree that the series as a whole went downhill and the half-assed subplot thing didn't make it any better for me. Him dying would have been more of an 'ending' but it was so like Dexter to slip away unnoticed and start again- his number one rule was always don't get caught.
    Similar downhill slide happened in Breaking Bad in my opinion.

    Breaking Bad was my fav until Game of Thrones came out.
    IMO it was great until season 5 p2; after that it just became predicable. And now theyre going to do a Spin off....:bhangra:

    my recommendations :
    ******Game of Thrones ( if you have the patience of waiting years for an ending)
    *****House of Cards ( Brilliantly made and Kevin Spacey is just majestic in it)
    ****Dexter season 1-4 ( DO NOT WATCH THE REST because the ending was just perfect )
    ***Its always sunny in Philadelphia ( best comedy )
    **The thick of it.
    ****Hannibal ( can be a bit disturbing haha)

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    I don't think its the best show ever but its definitely in my top 5. Season 5 was the best for me. I found the finale to be quite dull and a let done but the last few eps leading up to it were absolutely amazing.

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    24, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos.

    In that order.

    Forgot about Fargo actually, think it might push into 3rd

    (Original post by Kash24411)
    I absolutely loved season 1, the first episode got me hooked onto the show and i totally agree. I just loved each character on the show and how they made it one of the best TV series. Personally my favorite character (apart from WW) was Gustavo fring how about you?
    Jesse obviously comes next, when you realise how nice a guy he actually is and you feel so sorry for him when his parents kick him out from their home. Gustavo Fring was one of my favourite characters, so was Todd. Saul was definitely up there too.
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