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I cheated Watch

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    (Original post by Clip)
    Ok, I've switched on the slut-o-meter, and you barely make make it past 1/10.

    I don't know if you're a Catholic. I'm certainly not a priest. But right now, I'm making a sign of a cross, and I absolve you from your sins.

    As contrition, you are required to never make a thread like this again.
    I'm agnostic. Thanks ;D


    sounds like your going to break up with your boyfriend.

    he's too much. he needs to have his heart broken and run around in the world to have some scrapes and bumps.

    his behaviour is that of boy who has only ever been with one women.

    you are that only women.

    i've seen boys act a fool publicly until they are bullied for it. after that they became normal.

    as bad as it is. sometimes having your self confidence destroyed helps you rebuild into a person more tolerant and capable of fitting in.

    a relationship is two people fitting in with each other.

    you are going to drive each other crazy.

    he's not allowed to be a man. his mother babies him. you baby him.

    your not going to be able to deal with all his issues and insecurities whilst doing your uni work.

    he's not going to be able to deal with you as the goddess that he's made you out to be in his head. you are only human. and he will find that hard to comprehend without reference to other women.

    you are finding yourself attracted to more manly men. a guy who will take you when he see's you. rather than waiting your whole child hood to let his feelings be known.

    you keep thinking about the guy at the party.
    you say you dont know why you kissed him back? yes you do. you wanted to kiss him. you were sexually attracted to him.
    not only that but you went back for more.

    the boy your with now gets his heart broken over just thinking about you and your ex.
    yet alone if you were to actually break up with him.

    just saying. i know you're gonna break up with peter. sooner than later.

    He sounds really insecure and paranoid. Telling him will probably destroy him

    (Original post by AbdulKoyes)
    He sounds really insecure and paranoid. Telling him will probably destroy him
    with good reason

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    Didn't quite get the whole thing but if you cheated you need to come clean. At least have the respect to do so instead of letting him find out from someone else.

    (Original post by AmyO3)
    Thank you so much. You're the real mvp!
    Hah, cute.

    (Original post by AmyO3)
    The chances of him founding out by some other person are very little, almost none. I am never going to do it again. I do think it's better to work out his self securities issues first. Getting him to know how I really feel about him and how much he means to me ( I haven't really done it, in opposite to him, I'm not very sentimental)
    I do have hopes for this going very long. And I'm going to show him he won't regret being with someone like me in spite of that one mistake I made
    Thanks a lot
    Be as sure as you can be for now that this is what you really want, I mean - being with him. Going to university you're going to have many new experiences in the world. You're going to get to know and be accepted into groups of people like you never have before while you mature. Maybe you're almost scared to be trapped with him just because he's your longtime childhood friend so you get along really well but there's something extra lacking, when as you say, you're not really the same kind of person?

    That doesn't mean you can't work together or shouldn't, there have to be some opposite characteristics that compliment each other in my opinion. If you believe you do and want to then you have to of course put in the effort to make it a strong successful relationship. We all have to make choices in life and especially when you choose a devoted sensitive guy, you close yourself off to every other path (you decide it's worth it). I'm not going to have any experimental years, but will have a happy fulfilling marriage that lasts instead (I think anyway, could always be wrong of course but we'll get to that if and when) .

    I only say this because, maybe you sort of don't want to make this choice? It's something to consider. If you decide you aren't right for him and break it off, I'm not sure you have to tell him about the kiss... it would increase all his problems. You'd have to explain everything you learned from it though, about wanting different things from life, appreciating what a great person he is and wanting him to find his own way as well because ultimately he will realise it's better for both of you even though he can't see it now. If you're with him for the wrong reasons, it will be a drawn out difficult process once the initial rush of excitement is over.

    Just hypothetical. ^

    If he was another kind of guy, you could tell him much more easily, it was kissing and you're at a pivotal point in life still making mistakes/decisions so you could work through it together more easily. The fact you feel you have to hide a part of yourself from him and control it means you're going to have to work a bit more with this one, on/for both yourself and him. Doesn't mean you can't, just know what you're getting into.

    I think that's what a lot of people don't understand about healthy longterm relationships. Every person has their own sensibilities/personality styles and most importantly their issues, so you have to try and understand the scope of what life with them might be like, then make a decision as to whether you want to deal with that and finally put in the work to do it.
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