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Rape Culture Watch


    (Original post by Rakislk)
    Our society is being de-sensitized to rape. This is attributed to many factors.

    -Definition of rape has been broadened so much that you can technically commit rape without knowing it. Example, I had drunk sex with my girlfriend and the next day she didn't even remember it. She loves me, we're happy together, but technically I raped her.
    No you didn't. Do i even need to explain why that is not defined as rape, in any form?

    -Rape is more widely reported.
    Rape was so hush hush because it was terrifying and awful and no one wanted to talk about. Now while it's good that women are reporting more and we are getting more of the criminals caught, it's also difficult because now that people hear about rape all the time it's not as terrifying. It's like a mugging in the eyes of the public - yeah everyone know's its terrible but the word rape isn't shocking like it used to be
    The word "rape" has never shocked me, not now, not 20 years ago. I'm curious how old you are to have enough experience to know that a word was apparently shocking once but not anymore..

    -Penalities for Rape are lessening
    Rape used to be a capital offense. Now, and this is party because of the above two factors, a guy could hold a girl down and brutally rape her and be out of prison in 3 to 7 years.
    What kind of time scale are you talking about here? I'm not up to date with current rape prison sentence statistics, but you mention capital offence (which means death penalty, i think?) and urm well the death penalty was abolished a long long time ago..

    If you're trying to say every year rapists are getting lighter sentences.. i'll believe that when i see the stats.

    And everyone knows the prison sentences are a joke in this country, i believe the average time served for murder is 10 year. People have been out in much less. Does this mean we have a murder culture?


    -Rape is becoming commonplace
    Horror movies and rape pornography are using rape scenes to be provocative because it's the last thing they haven't done. What's worse than sawing a guy in half with a chain saw, showing a girl cry and beg for mercy as she's brutally violated. End result: This becomes common place and people will always find it gross but it won't terrify them anymore.
    It is my understanding that simulated rape porn is illegal. I've seen a lot of porn, and never have i seen rape simulation porn.

    I've also seen a lot of movies and rape certainly is not becoming common place. In fact only a single rape scene sticks in my mind, the one from Irreversible. And the effect of seeing that was more appreciation for how ****ed up rape is.

    All of these factors make the public less afraid of rape in general which makes it seem like a less serious offense which leads to people not being punished as harshly for it. Does that mean we have rape culture? I'm not really sure what rape culture is. Just trying to share some insight

    There is a huge number of women (every woman I know who was raped) who do not come forward after being raped because they don't believe the system will help them. When the victims hide - the system is not working and it's not working because the police treat them as criminals - that is why they are hiding - and that is a big part of any rape culture. Rape victims are by far the worst treated victims. Some are even forced to pay 1000s of dollars to get their rape kit processed - it's inhumane and a product of sexist culture. Victims suffer in hiding ..
    American? We don't charge for healthcare in the U.K and that would never happen (the rape kit thing).

    I don't know what backwards arse place you live, but over here the police do not treat rape victims like criminals.. I'd like to see some stats for this...

    The figures are that between 5 and 8 per 10,000 women annually are 'sexually molested' in the West, leaving us with a figure of perhaps 5 in 10,000 women raped annually. I take those figures from the United States, Britain and Australia - so correct me if you can.
    So 0.05% of women are sexually molested (last i heard to get these stats they include inappropriate touching).. Not bad if you ask me, i wonder what the stats are if we change sexually molested to non-sexual violence.. Significantly higher i'd imagine. Do we have a violent crime culture?

    Suggestions that Men somehow condone rape by even using such trite terms as 'she asked for it' etc, or even by suggesting that care should be taken in walking home alone at night (as recent cases show clearly to be extremely valid advice), are nonsensical in the extreme.

    The same Men who trot out phrases like 'she deserved it' would willingly hang the perpetrator if on a jury - it's only a common comment that is more of a self-protection group bonding thing than it is an 'attack on the victim'. There is more of a Masculine culture in some areas of life, such as the military - where such bonding saves lives, but I would hesitate to be the guy who thought that he could get away with raping a woman in front of the same Military men.
    Do you know the last time i heard someone say someone deserved to be raped (not including online of course)? Never.

    I put it to you sir, that you're arguments are flawed and that there is no such thing as a "rape culture". Anyone claiming that there is one, must also believe that there is a murder, assault, theft, burglary, arson etc culture.
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    (Original post by Darth Stewie)
    Well that's not really the same, rape has been used to mean spoiled or destroyed for a long time, when someone says "he got raped" in regards to a video or sports game they don't mean "he was forced to have sex" they mean "he got destroyed" they aren't using the sexual definition of the word.
    You say that, but it doesn't stop a load of feminists to have a hissy fit whenever they hear somebody say it.
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    The term 'Rape Culture' really irritates me. Rape is not a culture nor is it part of any culture. :/

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    (Original post by Eboracum)
    If you get drunk, and go home for a one night stand and get raped you haven't helped yourself and are partly to blame. Whether that is a man or woman.
    That depends really. If you're too drunk to resist and the other person/say no and they continue, then yeah, I agree - you are partly to blame. If you are lucid, clearly say no and you don't want it, resist it and they hold you down and have sex with you anyway despite you repeatedly saying no/crying/screaming etc I wouldn't say that's your fault, that's just a bad person.
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