Why is my Ex-GF acting mean to me? Watch

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Coming from a girl - acting mean and saying what you like about other guys could mean one of two things:

1) she is over you and doesn't realise she is being hurtful

2) trying to look like she is over you, not showing any pain or weakness and is probably upset about something (if she found out you have slept with someone already or like someone else already)

But tbh I don't even understand why I do things I do the majority of the time. Relationships and connecting with people is so so god damn complicated.

You could just ask her if you have upset her in anyway - lets hope her reply isn't 'I'm fine' we all know what that means.

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Thinking that she is totally over me and doesn't care about my feelings anymore is so painful, especially when I loved her so much. That is why I just try to put on a facade in front of her, I don't want her to know that I'm vulnerable.

Wouldn't contacting her about these sort of things annoy her even more? I mean when you've dumped someone, surely you don't want anything to do with them/dislike them to an extent.
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It's an ex what part of that don't you understand. Stop contacting the ex dude move on

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