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    I am in some ways. I know that there are things I'm good at. I know that I am reasonably intelligent. I think that I'm a decent enough person, or at least not a horrible one .

    On the whole, though, I'm very shy and insecure, especially about my looks. When I meet people, there's this irrational feeling inside of me that they'll look at me and think that I am ugly/stupid/flawed and that they definitely won't like me. It doesn't help that I am very clumsy.

    Once I get to know and trust people, I come out of my shell and can just be myself. My insecurities make it difficult to make friends, but there are some people I really value in my life, and who value me, and that's enough .

    Tell you the truth while I know the technical definition of confidence, I don't actually know what confidence is. Like, I couldn't tell you if I feel confident right now or not, because I really don't know the difference between not being confident and confident.

    Or maybe confidence is one of the many emotions I have that I don't know the name for? Is it that "I feel invincible" emotion? Like, the one where you have energy to do stuff and you feel like you could keep going on forever and you feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside like you could take on anything? If that's what confidence is, I've felt it a few fleeting times in my life, but it really was fleeting, like lasted only a few seconds or minutes.

    Not really. I can be in certain situations and with certain people. But I can be very shy around new people and new situations. More confidence is one of the things I'd love to have.

    (Original post by ummm)
    Not really, although my self-confidence has improved a lot over the past year.

    People always say you should "fake it til you make it". Anyone had success with that?
    Well when I started uni I got nervous so I talked a lot to people and always laughed and stuff. I was literally so nervous, sometimes I wouldn't shut up and these people think I'm super confident. I think it's helped me feel kind of confident though. Although I think people thinking I'm confident is what actually makes me feel more confident.

    Tbf, I've gotten more confident at university but I'm still pretty insecure. And my confidence is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes it's up and sometimes it's down.

    I'd say no, and it's because mostly i can't talk in class out loud even if i am the only one knowing the answer, and i can't talk to girls.

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