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    I'm 26 and am still trying to figure things out. So I guess I haven't quite realised yet :facepalm: At the moment I identify as a heteroromantic lesbian (lesbian for ease) but I've not done anything (even kissing!) with anyone of either gender, so I tend to confuse myself if I think about it too much

    I guess I first started questioning my sexuality when I was 21. I had a uni counsellor who insisted I was a lesbian and kept banging on about it in sessions...

    I'm also from quite a conservative Roman Catholic background but unlike the OP, my mother has been very supportive. Even though I haven't actually said anything to her explicitly about thinking I'm a lesbian! :o: My dad has no idea but my mum reckons he'd get over it eventually if I ever *did* say anything to him about it. It was a weight off my mind when my mum said this because a huge worry for me was how my father would react

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    This is very similar to what I went through and I realised when I was 17 as well. It feels a bit better when you come out to yourself and once you're fully okay with it and you stop caring about what others might think of you, it'll all be uphill from there Just make sure that you brush off any negativity that might come your way and you'll be okay
    Yeah, I definitely felt like a weight had been lifted when I finally came to terms with it It helps that my mum is really open about sexuality discussions, so I came out to her almost straight away and I've just been getting happier ever since!

    I believe it's when I slept next to my gay friend and as I was trying to sleep he unzipped my trousers and I found it quite arousing. I've been confused and bi-curious for 4 years, I believe this part of the reason I retreated to the interwebz

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    my son keeps hanging with girls at playgroup im worried he might be identifying himself as female..

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    you sure he is not just trying to get a girlfriend?:perv:

    still waiting
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