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    (Original post by Blue Label)
    I don't think I made my point clear. I think they did enjoy it but it wasn't their primary motive. I think their primary motive initially was for reproduction.
    OK. What is a primary motive? How far back in history are we talking? Do you think chimpanzees know that sex results in pregnancy? Would you presume they have sex because it feels good?
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    We are innately predisposed to make a big deal out of it, therefore its importance is not merely a social construct, so I disagree.
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    (Original post by electricgrrl)
    I'm not here to get into an argument or a debate; you posted a question and I answered it. Simple as that. If you don't like what I said, or what the other poster said above, that's your problem because you asked for people's opinions. As it happens I thought it fitted in well with the statement you had originally written, and I was bringing another dimension to the situation. Obviously it's not as clear cut as you thought.

    Now, I have better things to do with my time.
    Here is the original question:

    The idea that sex "should be something special" is a flawed social construct that has no basis in reality
    And here is your answer:

    (Original post by electricgrrl)
    I think some of the ideas around sex, esp. the concept of virginity, are rooted in misogyny and the whole thing about promiscuous girls being sluts but guys doing the same are "studs" is ridiculous double standards - it's okay for sex to be meaningless to guys but if girls behave in the same way suddenly she's a whore?
    You have taken a discussion about sex as an expression of love and not simply a satisfying of base desires and used it as an opportunity to whinge about double standards and what you see as misogyny, when neither of these things are at all part of the question being put to you. If you cannot see how you have failed to answer the question or vote in response to the question then I cannot help you.
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