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    The point I have kept trying to make on these threads is good conspiracies are narrow conspiracies.

    This doesn't need to involve spooks or even a lot of police officers. A single Metropolitan Police Special Branch Superintendent in cahoots with Morrison could have stopped this stone dead. All it needs is someone with sufficient clout to get a sex assault in London reported to Sussex Police, on to his desk on some pretext or other. The case barely exists in the Sussex records (and most of what does exist is forwarded to London) and never formally exists in London. The Sussex police merely carry messages (innocently) for the Special Branch officer which are a pack of lies.

    That is not the generally held view of J Edgar Hoover.
    Well, I was thinking about the modern FBI, not the mad fascist dictatorship days of J Edgar. That guy was probably involved in assassinations of politicians and leading figures (let's not get into JFK and MLK, but there is enough in those cases to be at the least very suspicious of his role), not to mention routine blackmail, deep collusion with organised crime and paranoid obsessions with people he hated for homophobic, absurdly fake puritan (given his own personal sexual activities) or simply random 'reasons'. So no, I wasn't holding up his FBI as the model. :rolleyes:

    I don't know enough about police procedure in those days to know if you're right about the ways an investigation could be so easily subverted but I agree it seems very strange that a parent could allow this in such a naive way. I agreed with a lot of your earlier post, but I balk at the very idea that sex between an old man and a 14-yr old could ever be classified as a 'date', even in the context of 'date rape'. It's a straightforward sexual assault on a minor, no matter how much trickery the old guy uses to get there. And paedophiles are notorious for using such tricks.
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