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GIRLS: Which is cooler to wear at nightclubs, suit/jacket or hoodie/tshirt? watch

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    (Original post by Sereni)
    When I used to do it in london with a group of mates we used to call it sharking, really its all about the confidence, if you have are comfortable and feel confident it really really doesn't matter what you wear. I havn't done it in a while now but there are a few 'rules' that I assume havn't changed

    1) The eye contact->smile, if you catch a girl looking and then both of you smile then go for it. Obviously I don't mean go and start grinding but usually its an invitation to dance with her, dance for a lil bit and if she seems ok with it ry placing your hands lightly on her hips. At this point you will either get a polite rejection where she kind of shuffles away to dance with her friends or more often I find she will look up (or down i guess if you are short :P )and lean in for a kiss.

    2) The eye contact-> smile->kiss is pretty rare and pretty passive as if a girl doesnt do it you are pretty stuck so: Have fun, dance like you are enjoying yourself, do NOT just sway side to side or anything, if you are doing the maccarena and make someone laugh that's step one at two right there.

    3) Two pieces of advice that i am a bit iffy about because I don't really recommend them but they do both work: If you smoke-Go to the smoking area, can i bum a light is probably one of the biggest conversations starters out there, plus you get girls bumming **** all the time, and if you smoke rollups or somehow keep them along for a little bit they will probably finish their fag with you. WHat you don't wanna do is just give them a fag and watch as she walks away forever. The second bad bit of advice depends on how flush you are, it's pretty sad but I have rarely failed or seen anyone fail when they lead with 'can i get you a drink', either you get a clear no sign or a clear yes sign.

    4) The pre-game/predrinks whatever, its much easier to talk to girls and pull in a party like environment, sometimes you won't know you have pulled until you are at the club as lots of girls wait until their friends can't see them lol, if you hit it of with a girl and wanna get a bit of privacy something like 'im getting a drink wanna come or going for a fag if you wanna come' works really well.

    My biggest bit of advice is to just try to have a good night, yea pulling a smoking hot bae can make a good night epic, but going in with a good attitude and good friends is what makes the night good in the first place. You defs don't wanna be a creeper. And again what you wear almost doesn't matter, I've had just as much luck in everything from onesies to suits. (there is normally a minimum level of formal as long as you meet this its fine (fancy dress is always ok))

    Also appologies to any women this offends but I have found it all to be true, if I've gotten anything totally wrong correct me but I used to go clubbing loads and most of the time I went I would be trying to pull (and most nights its pretty easy to at least pull a couple of girls)
    Thank you, its very detailed! and I will keep these in my mind!

    Shirt and a nice jacket. I'm 129 and that's how the chaps used to do it back in my golden days.

    Would say shirt and trousers, not necessarily a full suit. But definitely not hoodie/tshirt.

    oh and I'm 22.

    27,white T-shirt and jeans will be a nice combo,simple and classic.

    (Original post by Highli)
    Let assume clubs like Tiger Tiger, what to wear?
    Anything that's moderately trashy if it's the Croydon one.

    Wrote by a guy leaving Tiger Tiger Croydon.

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