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ex slept with someone day after split Watch

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    (Original post by al_mohajer)
    My laday ... Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start feeling sorry for this douche bag. He hurt you before, and you forgave him for sake of what???!! for the sake for the relationship to continue ...!!!!

    For the sake that you can't imagine what your life will be after breaking up with him!!!

    For the sake that he would be good, and try to care about you, as you care about him!!

    You be strong ... You don't repeat your mistake before.
    Don't be nice with prick douchebag guys.

    However, its really sadfull to know that the person you care about the most, he is a cheater. but this is life, and this guy will experince the same in the future. Some chicks will cheated on him, and he will know how painful is to cheat on someone you care about.

    You go on ... You don't look behind. Its a page and you have to close it.

    And, his cheating is a proof that he doesn't deserve you.

    Be happy ... You will find someone better ...

    thank you for your positive words. I have come to realise that this person is a complete narcissist.

    (Original post by cmlynch)
    Get yourself glammed up, hair & nails done, spray tan, make-up, new dress, heels & jewels and get yourself out there and show that **** that calls himself a man what he's missing!! Don't sit at home sulking..

    Oh, and if you do plan on going back to him, word of advice... You will never EVER EVER trust him, and trust is a main key in a relationship. You need someone who you can trust and not ever have to doubt - that is important. If you stay with someone you have no trust for then you will just end up eating away at yourself and becoming some physco jelous crazy stalker girlfriend.

    Be a women that a man needs, not a women that needs a man.

    Good Luck
    This. :afro:

    And best of luck to the OP. Guys an ********, you're worth more.

    I don't want to rub salt in your wound but chances are he was with her whilst with you and most likely left you for her. He's a liar you can do way better. You deserve someone that will treat you with respect. Don't think of it as a betrayal or anything. See it as a blessing. He sounds like a wasteman. Someone else will come along and will treasure you. Although extremely hard try not to think about it too much.

    (Original post by whalker)
    I am so devastated, I haven't stopped crying for three weeks. My boyfriend of three years split up with me three weeks ago, and i found out today he had slept with someone the next day. Last week we met up and he said he hadn't been with anyone and that he still loved me and wanted a future, but to take things slow. I am so broken over this. I rang him and he tried to deny it and then said it was none of my business. I don't know what to do. He has cheated on me in the past, and I forgave him. He was my first real relationship (met at 19) and I feel abandoned by someone who wanted a future with me. I really need advice, I'm in such a bad place.
    You don't need people like that around you. Stop entertaining the thoughts that you have of him being 'perfect'

    Just keep yourself busy, go out with friends, watch television, watch videos or listen to music. Just avoid sitting around, otherwise it'll just be sat there on your mind, slowly killing what little joy you get from the day.
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Updated: January 11, 2015
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