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    (Original post by CarlNorthWest)
    And who get's to decide who is the best man or woman ?

    Yes - White people; and if we live in system of racism then ones opinion of the best man or woman is very subjective. Right ?

    So your comments about affirmative action assume that whites are completely fair-minded. I do not know of any study that shows them capable of that. They will take a less qualified white over a black or Asian person.

    When you seek admission to a university, apply for a job, or hunt for an apartment, you don't look threatening. Almost all of the people evaluating you for those things look like you-they are white.

    They see in you a reflection of themselves, and in a racist world that is an advantage. You smile. You're white. You're one of them. You're not dangerous. Even when you get angry, you're cut some slack. After all, you're white.

    The fact is being white has meant that scores of second-rate white workers have slid through the system because their flaws were overlooked out of solidarity based on race.

    That doesn't mean that whites don't deserve their jobs, or that if they would not have gotten the job if they was not white. It means simply that all through their lives, they have soaked up benefits for being white.

    And you know it ?
    that is not relevant you said iq
    Because if I was to give you a pill which would change you're skin from white to black and you're life was dependent on getting the job tomorrow.

    Would you take that pill ? I mean, if you really believed that black people get all these goodies and treats and doors opened for us then you'd take that pill.

    Fact is : There is not one white person on this planet who would take that pill, when it really came down to it and so all this talk about A.A is just nonsense, you know as I do the benefits that come with being white.

    That does not mean white people don't have any problems, everyone does, but for white people dealing with race is not one of them.
    you said based on iq and that is based on birth so if somebody is mentally retarded and has a low iq they should not receive special assistance from the government and some goes for minorities.
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