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Smash Bandicoot Film 2015/6: Annihilate that DVD Rack! watch

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    18, The Grinch: 6/10

    I used to love Dr. Seuss as a kid (Green Eggs and Ham anyone?) However, I don't know what to make of Ron Howard's live action adaptation. Perhaps it is the lack of source material to adapt into a Christmas blockbuster. The love triangle between Grinch and Hoo is a little contrived for my liking, although it exemplifies the obsession with looks, surface beauty and 'fitting in' in modern society. There are a few great jokes and laughs but the comedy is not appealing to my young adult self the way it did as a child. Perhaps I've just outgrown Jim Carrey's zany energy and deliberate weirdness, something which saddens me as I used to adore the similar humour in Freakazoid! This is in no way his fault (the man's got bipolar disorder) but it gets a bit over-powering, even seems gratuitous at times. This could also be symptomatic of the passage of time, as I believe Carrey largely comes across as a relic of the 80s and 90s; something he even references in an attempt to break the fourth wall

    My favourite moment is Grinch's ingeniously wacky transportation between Hoobville and his mountain lair, up and down a gutter defying the laws of physics in true fantasy spirit. Hats off to the admittedly catchy 50s crooner TBT 'You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch' as well! In true festive spirit, Taylor Momsen is also heart-melting

    (as her adult self is :sexface: whoops Freudian slip there )

    as the rebellious, free-thinking Hoo child to give mean old Mr. Grinch a chance to be one of the Hoos and spend Christmas in company loved. Nawww

    Very likely to appeal to wiley young-uns in the family, but if you're going to watch a Seuss adaptation with the kids next holiday of your choice, watch the Cat in the Hat. And for Carrey on fire, check out The Mask and Ace Ventura. Sorry for another depressing review!

    Next week: Galaxy Quest and muh-maybe Special Review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier for Papa :awesome:

    [review to be confirmed]
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    time to bump this thread up

    12) Blade Runner: Final Cut-> 8/10

    You may have known that this was circulating around the cinemas lately. For a fiver at my local Odeon, this was a bargain! I'll confess that I have never read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and the one time I've previously seen the Director's Cut I couldn't for the life of me follow it so this was a pleasant surprise!

    Well what can I say, at risk of entering hyperbole, Ridley Scott's indeed created a classic wit this one. Perhaps didn't blow me away the way that the Gods of SF film told me it would, but it was certainly moving. The vaguely East Asian dystopian city setting and film noir cinematography delivered a perfect ambience for the gritty plot, while the breathtaking musical score by Vangelis gave me goosebumps at times.

    Of course Harrison Ford as Blade Runner Decker always gets good reviews as reluctant tough cop with a heart of gold, and Sean Young's Rachel really helped us empathise with the struggle of the Replicants, but for me the award for best acting goes to the baddies. Hauer as Batty was truly terrifying, and a scene of his inhuman capabilities is pure nightmare fuel. Yet still we ultimately sympathise with his existential crisis, a struggle to find meaning within what remains of his tiny lifespan, a life which had hitherto faced only the misery of years of persecution by humans who do not understand the ghost within the machines they've created. Pris also captured the deranged Harley Quinn-esque anarchist android to a tee; she makes for some spectacular acrobatics, is a sexual predator and it's hard to forget the few chillingly bittersweet times she opens her mouth.

    This version includes the alternative 'secret ending' which I won't spoil for you here, but as much as it's a head trip to get around, it works far better than the previous 'happy ending'. The highlight for me was not in the epic action scenes or gripping finale, but in what I felt was a fantastic sequence where Decker views the evidence on the camera using surreal yet oddly plausible forensic techniques. [Again spoilers ]

    Overall I was thoroughly impressed, and it'll be interesting to see how the Director's Cut holds up again, whether the additional narration by Ford adds to or detracts from what in the Final Cut holds up to be a fittingly minimalist experience. My friend and I agreed that it's one of those films which has to be see on the big screen to be appreciated in all of its otherwise subdued glory.

    Ultimately I have given this film an 8, as it did not nearly reduce me to tears/tug the heart strings like Cloud Atlas, but definitely hit right in the feels. Were I to mess around with the ranking system it'd technically be an 8.5. Still, 2 Thumbs up!
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    22) Galaxy Quest: 8/10

    When my goofy old dad recommended this to me I at first had my reservations, but as it turns out this is really good fun! The low budget paid off in its favour to give off the 'made-for-TV' vibes as a clever 'meta-reference' to the in-film 70s TV show. Galaxy Quest is well known as a satire on the rise of the nerd, and to that end I really feel it holds down well. The level of hidden in-jokes, winks and general breaking of the 4th wall with regards to the SF&Fantasy genre/general late 20th century geek culture can't be covered by me in a short review unfortunately, so I'll link you to the Wikipedia and TV Tropes page on this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaxy_Quest#Plot


    Keep your eyes peeled is all I can say.

    However, character highlights have to be noted:

    i) Alan Rickman as ever on form as the acerbic misanthrope of the team: 'By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings' :awesome:

    ii) The humanoid alien race of Thermians and Mathesar's adorable monotonous meeping. For all their intelligence, Thermians do not understand the concepts of fiction or entertainment, and it's truly heart-breaking to watch Mathesar's revelation that the show is not real :cry2:

    iii) Hats off to Tim 'Buzz Lightyear' Allen, projecting a cocky secretly Captain Romeo to his fans but secretly disillusioned and depressed by the show's cancellation. Jason Nesmith is a major inspiration for Futurama's now-revered Zapp Brannigan

    iv) Sigourney Weaver for unleashing her inner fanboy (and feminist) with this one. The same woman who brought us the hard-as-nails Ridley of Alien is here prepared to outright lamp shade the Bechdel Test :eek:

    v) 'Guy' Fleegman, a tender prod at the history of those poor Redshirts 'I'm just a glorified extra, Fred'

    vi) General Sarris in all his lovably scaly glory and desire for galactic domination…

    vii) Brandon, voice of all those eccentric and misunderstood Trekkies out there

    Several action scenes are absolutely iconic in their level of parody, feeling like they came straight out a B-movie-or, whodathunk it, a 70s sci-fi show These include the desert planet home to the walking golem Gorignak and Gremlin-like Blue Demons, the epic mine-field chase, the gauntlet to the McGuffin 'Omega 13' and the final 'pushing of the red button' which I shan't spoil for you.

    Yet perhaps what matters the most about Galaxy Quest beneath all of is how, despite the stark realities of their unemployment situation and being ostracised from mainstream America, we really feel that this is not just a casting list, but a family. A dysfunctional one of course, like all great families and rightly so. (The Simpsons, anyone?) This gets to something at the heart of geek culture: the unquestionable camaraderie of its members in the face of adversity. Whether the opposition is a reptilian warlord or the high school bully, geeks will always unite and watch each other's backs.

    If you're looking for an out-of-this-world film experience this week, but not a big fan of ostensibly pretentious and dark SF most of the time, rest assured this holds up in the halls of comedy with the likes of Meet the Fockers. Beam me up, Freddy!
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    As I suspected the list has become so long that it's difficult to follow. Here I've put all of the different sections, with ratings but no reviews. (No reviews planned at present for the already watched films of 2014…)

    At a later point I may swap this, so that ratings are on the 1st page and the reviews on later pages.

    Someone please give me some feedback here I know you're reading, I can see dem views coming in [aww yeah] but it will save me a hell of a lot of time and energy if I can get an idea what you find easiest to view. Ta
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    1) Die Nibelungen: Siegfried

    2) Kriemhilds Rache

    3) Lord of the Rings: The Animated Movie

    4) Cloud Atlas

    5) Les Miserables: Live in London

    6) Rent: Live on Broadway

    7) Four Lions

    8) The Goonies

    9) Home Alone

    10) Jumanji

    11) Taken

    12) Blade Runner: Final Cut

    13) The Expendables

    14) Serenity

    15) Jim Henson's Labyrinth

    16) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [Deluxe Edition]

    17) Death Note

    18) Tekken
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    19) Arthur Christmas 7/10

    20) WALL-E: 9/10 :coma:

    21) The Iron Giant [adult re-watch]-7/10

    22) The Grinch [adult re-watch]: 6/10

    23) The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

    24) E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial

    25) Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    26) Galaxy Quest: 8/10

    27) Fantastic Mr. Fox

    28) Dr Seuss’ Horton hears a Who!

    29) March of the Penguins

    30) Shrek Forever After

    31) Limitless

    32) Despicable Me: 8/10

    33) Puss in Boots

    34) The Golden Compass

    35) Atonement

    36) Elf
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    [a depressing?!] Film 2015 Pt. 2

    37) Fight Club

    38) American Psycho

    39) Se7en

    40) The Green Mile

    41) From Russia with Love

    42) Goldfinger

    43) You Only Live Twice

    44) Goldeneye

    45-7) The Godfather Trilogy

    46) State of Play

    47) Saving Private Ryan

    48) Goodfellas

    49) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    50) Schindler’s List

    51) Reservoir Dogs

    52) Memento

    53) Primer

    54) The Departed [adult re-watch]

    55) Pulp Fiction ][adult re-watch]

    56) The Shawshank Redemption [adult re-watch]

    57) Django Unchained

    58) Monsters

    59) Oldboy

    60) 28 Days Later
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    Priority 3: Film 2016 Pt. 1

    61) Wadjda

    62-4) Al Pacino Boxset: Scarface; Casino; Carlito’s Way

    65-8) Alfred Hitchcock Boxset: Psycho; Vertigo; Rear Window; The Birds

    69) Hitchock, ‘The 39 Steps’

    70-3) The Terminator Original Quartet)

    74) Shutter Island [adult re-watch]

    75) A.I.: Artifical Intelligence

    76) Super 8

    77) 9

    78) King Lear [live theatrical DVD]

    79) The Prestige

    80) Snatch

    81) The Artist

    82) Groundhog Day

    83) Bowie: The Man Who Fell to Earth

    84-6) Ocean’s Trilogy

    87) Ghost in the Shell: Innocence [non-stoned re-watch]

    88) The Illusionist

    89) Amelie

    90) The Truman Show
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    Priority 4: Film 2016-7 Pt. 2

    91) Good Will Hunting

    92) Twelve Monkeys

    93) Rush

    94) The Last Samurai

    95) The Hunt for Red October

    96) Source Code [adult re-watch]

    97) The Pink Panther [original with Peter Sellers]

    98) Defiance

    99) Inglourious Basterds

    100) The Breakfast Club

    101) Mrs. Henderson Presents

    102) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    103) The Talented Mr. Ripley

    104) Mrs. Doubtfire

    105) The Woman in Black

    106-7) Kill Bill, Vos. 1-2

    108) The Breakfast Club

    109) The Minority Report

    110) Cold Mountain

    111) Capote

    112) Jarhead

    113) Zodiac

    114) One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    115) Apocalypse Now

    116) Beetlejuice

    117) Blade

    118-9) Robocop [both versions]

    120) Now You See Me

    121) Real Steel

    122) Catch Me If You Can

    123) Arnie: Conan the Barbarian

    124) Arnie: Commando

    125) Dirty Harry

    [additional suggestions]:

    Dead Poet's Society
    The History Boys
    Count of Monte Cristo
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    Films 5: Disney/Dreamworks/Studio Ghibli/Animated ‘feel-good’

    126) Basil the Great Mouse Detective

    127) Pocahontas

    128) The Fox and the Hound

    129) The Black Cauldron [adult re-watch]

    130) Frozen

    131) Enchanted

    132) Tangled

    133) Brave

    134) A Bug’s Life [adult re-watch]

    135) Tarzan [adult re-watch]

    136) Anastasia [adult re-watch]

    137) Madagascar

    138) Megamind

    139) Rise of the Guardians

    140) The Road to El Dorado

    141-3) Aladdin Trilogy

    144) Muppets Take Manhattan

    145) Studio Ghibli: Princess Mononoke

    146) Laputa: Castle in the Sky

    147) Tales from Earthsea

    148) Kiki’s Delivery Service

    149) Ponyo

    150) The Cat Returns

    151) Whisper of the Heart

    152) The Land Before Time

    153) Cats Don't Dance [adult re-watch]
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    Films 6: Rom-coms, Romance

    154) Mean Girls

    155) The Time Traveller’s Wife

    156) Atonement

    157) The Notebook

    158) Bend it Like Beckham

    159) The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    160) The Fault in our Stars

    161) The Devil Wears Prada

    162) Big

    163) Bride and Prejudice

    164) Two Week’s Notice

    165) Casanova

    166) Casablanca?

    167) One Day

    168) About Time

    169) Reverse/Re-Wind

    170) Remember Me
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    Films 7: Horror [optional]

    171) The Exorcist

    172) The Silence of the Lambs

    173) The Grudge

    174) The Ring

    175) Saw

    176) The Blair Witch Project

    177) Paranormal Activity

    178) Annabelle

    179) Horns

    180) The Human Centipede

    181) The Clearing

    182) The Orphanage

    183) Trick or Treat

    184) The Human Centipede
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    Cinema List: Film 2014 Catch-up!

    C1) The Imitation Game

    C2) Birdman

    C3) Gone Girl

    C4) The Theory of Everything

    C5) Godzilla

    C6) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    C7) Mockingjay Pt. 1

    C8) Whiplash

    C9) Foxcatcher

    C10) Nightcrawler

    C11) Edge of Tomorrow

    C12) The Wolf of Wall Street

    C13) Selma

    C14) Big Hero 6

    C15) Monsters University

    C16) Chef

    C17) Robocop

    C18) 300: Rise of an Empire

    C19) The Grand Budapest Hotel

    C20) How to Train Your Dragon

    C21) The Babadook
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    Cinema 2015!

    C22) Avengers: Age of Ultron

    C23) Antman

    C24) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

    C25) Terminator: Genisys

    C26) Jurassic World

    C27) Spectre

    C28) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 2

    C29) Fantastic Four

    C30) Kingsman

    C31) Minions Movie

    C32) The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water

    C33) Fifty Shades of Grey

    C34) Mad Max: Fury Road

    C35) Shaun the Sheep Movie

    C36) Seventh Son (The Spook’s Apprentice)

    C37) Paddington Movie

    C38) Jupiter Ascending

    C39) Mortdecai

    C40) Mission: Impossible 5

    C41) Tomorrowland

    C42) Mr Holmes

    C43) Inside Out

    C44) Into the Woods

    ****ing hell, you've really planned this out, 2 years worth of content :eek: Btw, make horror non-optional
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    (Original post by somemightsay888)
    ****ing hell, you've really planned this out, 2 years worth of content :eek: Btw, make horror non-optional
    mate I was just about to ask what you make of this you must be the only person to actually post on the thread even though I've got over 1,000 views lol

    (Original post by Smash Bandicoot)
    mate I was just about to ask what you make of this you must be the only person to actually post on the thread even though I've got over 1,000 views lol
    :laugh: You've probably got some lurkers or people waiting till you get onto a film they like I have to say, the layout of things is confusing, I can't tell what's happening, some of the stuff is posted twice
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    (Original post by somemightsay888)
    :laugh: You've probably got some lurkers or people waiting till you get onto a film they like I have to say, the layout of things is confusing, I can't tell what's happening, some of the stuff is posted twice
    see post above this page

    I was thinking I should probably swap the layout, so that on the front page I have a 'contents page' of sorts; the film list, with the ratings but no reviews, and possibly a link to the page in question? That may work better than this reverse layout

    (Original post by Smash Bandicoot)
    see post above this page

    I was thinking I should probably swap the layout, so that on the front page I have a 'contents page' of sorts; the film list, with the ratings but no reviews, and possibly a link to the page in question? That may work better than this reverse layout

    The first page should be the films you intend to watch, categorise them however you want. The following posts should be reviews of said films. As you continue to watch the films, edit the OP with the contents and just add the score next to them. I'd say add a hyperlink to the relevant review, but it's effort
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