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My friend thinks I'm racist and has fell out with me.... watch

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    Why are white people so damn racist. Ok we ethnic minorities need to make up a few racist terms exclusive for white people, then everyone can be racist to each other, meaning there will be peace in the world since all racist terms are as bad as each other.

    Being Somalian myself, I would have just answered simply, despite the question being asked in a slightly indelicate manner, especially if they're my best friend! But the way you express your curiosity wasn't very subtle and considerably offensive, but your friend's reaction was immature, in my eyes at least.

    At the end of the day, that's your friend. If you want to exchange "sorry's", that's up to you and if you choose to leave them, then that's what you should do. Ultimately, do whatever your mind tells you, think carefully and act.

    (Original post by Anonymous)

    Basically me and my friend (who are both girls) were really close but I said something stupid and now she has fallen out with me and is telling everyone I am a racist.

    She is Somalian and we were having a conversation about her being Somalian and I asked her why Somalian people always have such big foreheads, like it was a genuine question and I didn't mean anything horribly from it, I was just curious.

    She has told everyone I am racist and has twisted the story even more to make me sound more racist. She said I said that all Somalians look like the people from the movie coneheads :confused: and that I was calling her the N word.

    I'm really very upset and IDK what to do........
    Well you didn't do anything wrong... you asked a genuine, if slightly odd question that in no way discriminates/seperates someone based on race... therefore it's not racist haha. It's like describing a person as Asian and then people saying "that's racist!" when clearly it's not. Maybe she was just a little shocked about it, haha.

    Either way, she's the one being unreasonable. She's lying and spreading horrible stories about you. You can do much better than her.
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