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    (Original post by Hydeman)
    It's difficult to defend the economic policies of any of the parties with a chance of winning seats given their propensity to make promises they (privately) know they cannot keep. The Greens arguably have it worse than the others because, having never been in government, they're offering a deal that seems too good to be true. A higher rate of tax for the wealthy cannot pay for all that they offer (re-nationalising the railways, UBI, minimum wage of £10 per hour by 2020 and so forth). I haven't done the numbers myself but I expect there's going to be a few billion pounds' worth of unfunded promises in the manifesto.

    I don't see how you can defend the immigration policy but with the economic policy, you can make the argument that, while taxing the rich highly will encourage them to emigrate and/or actively dodge taxes, this is compensated for by the economic growth resulting from the elevated minimum wage and the significant reductions in travel expenses that the Greens say will result from bringing the railways back into state control (because it increases the amount of disposable income that people have to spend elsewhere in the economy) . You could also say that some companies have too much invested in the UK to leave. Of course, you'd be evading the point but that's what politicians do.
    Thankyou for this, it is very helpful!

    (Original post by YesManF7W)
    I'm facing a difficult decision. I'm 17 and have been a member of the Labour Party for over 2 years however I've increasingly been attracted to the policies of the Greens including the UBI and rail nationalization. If I want to be a Green member I must leave Labour. This is hard for me. All my family are Labour voters and are strongly commited to the party. However most of them, like me, are firecly Anti-Blair. I thought Milliband would be different. I thought he would stand up for the poor and battle auestrity but he has done very little whilst the Greens are seeking real change. As a committed socialist, a real one not a "third way" one, many of my ideas are in line with Green policy. However I just am finding it so hard to leave Labour. As a member of Labour I am able to volunteer for them etc. and get involved but as a Green I could not to this. I preach that democracy must be changed yet I'm afraid to put my whole support behind a minor (in conpar. to Labour/Tories). Should I leave Labour for Greens?!:confused:
    No! you should join UKIP the only party for all political persuasions, and none of these damn career politicians. The Greens blew it with this crap about putting the Queen into a council house, as if.

    (Original post by simbasdragon)
    Thankyou for this, it is very helpful!
    You're most welcome.
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