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Britain's most hated woman watch


    I expected it as there a show on Channel 4 about her earlier. Katie Hopkins on CBB proves she actually a nice person, just an act but I do agree with some things she saids.

    Josie Cunningham literally pisses people off just so papers like the mirror give her money, she has a agent telling her what to say. She has children literally for the sake of it, really dreadful.

    I hope her children won't follow her steps :erm:
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    (Original post by Ruthless Dutchman)
    I like how people are commenting on here about how she looks or sounds or basically negative stuff. I'm not supporting her, but she literally doesn't care about negative comments so why waste your energy?

    Like, great, so a lot of people don't like her. Brill. I'll get back to making sarcastic replies on other threads. She feeds off the attention, don't give it to her.
    Wasting energy? It's not like we are starting a campaign against her, just moving some fingers on a keyboard having a laugh at her.

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    I saw her being interviewed on This morning tv the other day.

    Before that , i was only vaguely aware of her.

    Believe me, this woman is not stupid. She gave very structured and well thought out replies to the questions fired at her by the interviewers who had clearly got her on thinking she would be easy meat and they could browbeat her.

    Now her looks and personality are not attractive to me but each to their own i suppose.

    But she is the one making money and making tv appearances, having a tv show and making easy money.

    The real mugs here are the British public. They are being baited by journalists and tv producers who hold the public in disdain,thinking themselves better and more intelligent whilst shovelling this crap at them via the media then scurrying off to their perfect homes and smiling/feeling all warm inside at their mischief making.
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