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    This post is to confirm that UnknownAnon's grades have been verified! :banana: :banana2: :banana:
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    T-88 days until my first exam:

    Hey guys, long time no post!
    I've just been super busy (and procrastinating ofc :rolleyes:)

    So my half term goals are as follows:
    > Finish making notes for physics (which includes both AS and A2 and is 16 modules in total :eek:)
    > Spend an hour a day on my EPQ (hopefully finishing my research review and discussion)
    > Revise for chemistry unit 1 (which is 3 modules).

    When writing it like that, it doesn't feel like a lot, but when I'm studying it feels like its gonna take a long time,
    so I just hope I can score these goals! ( Sorry! I know, bad joke )

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    T-88 days until my first exam:

    Lessons I learnt from this half term:
    In January, we got our mock grades back and mine were:

    Biology (A)
    Physics (B, 1 % of an A )
    Chemistry (E, which I retook and got an A).

    For biology, I didn't make any notes, as I feel like it wastes a LOT of time for me,
    because I end up generally writing what is already
    in the textbook. Instead, I make sure I understand the topics in class, and then I just learn each page one by one, by either saying
    it out loud, or writing the topic over and over again until I can do it without any prompts (This engages more senses and you end
    up remembering more.)
    What I learnt from biology is that I really shouldn't do last minute revision as it stops me from reaching my full potential.

    For physics, I do make notes, using both what we do in class and the textbook. This is because, physics has concepts which are harder
    to wrap your head around than biology and chemistry. So by making my own notes, I can make sure I understand it. Then I do as many
    past papers I can, because not only does that reinforce what you have learnt, it fills in any gaps in your learning. Also I asked about a million
    questions each lesson, which I think also helped (sorry to my teachers). What I learnt from physics, is that I CAN achieve an A if I work at it (because
    I was doubting this before) and that past papers are incredibly important.

    For chemistry, again I don't do notes, and just revise from the textbook and make sure I understand the topics in lessons. For the mocks in December, I barely did any. The mock results shocked me because I thought I understood the concepts really well, however when I got my paper back I realised that the reason I lost half the marks was because of silly mistakes. Hence why I am now doing as many past papers as I can to eliminate this.

    If this helped at least one person, then it was worth writing.

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    T-86 days until my first exam:

    So far, we are 4 days into the half term, and I feel as though I have procrastinated too much compared to what I could have accomplished. The problem with this, is that whilst I'm procrastinating, I also feel guilty and stressed at not getting anything done, so the end result is more stress and less work done.

    However, by today, I have managed to finish making notes/revising for the whole of Unit 1 for A2 and AS(6/16 modules), and I seem to finally understand electromagnetism which really confused me when we were doing it in class. Just have to try questions, to test my knowledge.

    Does anyone ever feel overwhelmed at how close the exams are and how much you still have to do? That seems to be me right now. I don't know which subjects to cover first, although I am attempting to slowly trudge through it.

    On a better note, the weather was lovely today!
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