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Rationale behind being a pescetarian... watch


    I once met a "part vegetarian" who ate chicken and fish.

    This was in year 5, I said it was stupid and the teacher sent me out.

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    (Original post by Anonymous Coward)
    Before some rep-fishing (no pun intended) person comes in and states "People can eat what they want", I'm not saying they can't.

    This question obviously applies to those who don't eat meat for ethical reasons, and not due to taste or health reasons.

    It's a genuine question: If one is against eating animals, why eat fish?
    Some do it as a transitional period to get used to a lower meat intake. Some are forced to by parents (as a compromise). But that can't be everyone, so what other reasons?

    I've never met a pescetarian (obviously have met a vegetarian), so I'd be interested to know.
    Obviously there's no 'right' or 'wrong' answer here, as everyone can eat as they choose.
    Some people believe that eating animals is wrong because they have a brain, but plants don't so they feel it's okay to eat vegetables.

    (Original post by james1211)
    Some people believe that eating animals is wrong because they have a brain, but plants don't so they feel it's okay to eat vegetables.
    Op was asking why people are pescetarians, not why vegetarians don't eat meat but eat plants.

    Personally, I've never seen the point in being a pescetarian. To me, fish are animals, and so I don't eat them. I can understand the health benefits to eating fish, protein etc, but most pescetarians I've met have used the excuse 'but fish aren't animals', which seems stupid to me. But hey.

    As a friend so eloquently put it; pescetarians = fake vegetarians

    Susanna Reid is one apparently. So the teenage boys and old men who watch breakfast tv 'for the news' would see it as rational.

    I find looking at chopped up limbs of animals utterly disgusting especially when it's been skinned and you can see the blood and the muscles and the bones whereas if you stick a knife through a fish (who aren't mammals) its not as gruesome.

    Saying that - I'm not a pescetarian for ethical reasons tho.
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