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Failed my first driving test today.. was the examiner a bit harsh?! watch

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    (Original post by uberteknik)
    Usefulness is not the thing being tested. Complete and safe control of the vehicle at all times is.

    Maybe just the newspapers drumming up a story. I hope the DVSA does not - it would be a retrograde step in my opinion.

    Reversing around a corner is tested precisely because it's a difficult manoeuvre and catches a lot of people. How seldom one ever needs to use it is of no consequence. (Actually, you would be surprised that it's needed more often than one would think. Reversing out of a garage drive into the traffic flow is very common but not recommended. Similarly, reversing a vehicle onto a driveway from a road or into a parking space are other instances.)

    It requires co-ordination, alertness, control and awareness all around the vehicle and from three traffic directions under pressure.

    The poster who said 'exaggerate' everything has the right idea.

    As for rear view mirrors when reversing, the good habit is the act of turning to look in the mirror because it forces you to swivel your head and at the same time check to see that there is still no traffic approaching from the front of the vehicle which your offside-front may swing into as the vehicle reverses around the corner.

    The same goes for looking over your right shoulder at the blind spot.

    Laziness and poor concentration in parking and reversing manoeuvres is an absolute ******* when someone does it to your parked vehicle but then drives off without accepting responsibility for the damage they caused.

    That last paragraph interested me. Sounds like, to me, the examiner was almost saving me from myself due to me not checking behind my right shoulder. Could have hit a car or a pedestrian or anything, I guess.
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    (Original post by seaholme)
    I failed my first one for "not stopping at a zebra crossing" when some man was just loitering 3 metres away showing no intent to cross, and all other traffic besides me was also just driving over it. Totally convinced I'd passed til he told me at the end, and I couldn't even have guessed where I failed! You win some you lose some.

    Maybe he didn't see you checking, maybe you didn't check properly, hard to tell from your description. There is a blind spot that you can't see just looking out the driver's window, unless you throw your whole body out and somehow curve around to look. The one you check if you're changing lanes on the motorway. I guess you now know for next time! :P
    That's interesting because I had a sneaky glance at him whilst doing my checks and saw he was just reading his notes, not even watching me!
    I guess with his experience he can afford to?

    Never mind. Whatever happened, as you said, I now know for next time.

    (Original post by TaajMan)
    Come to think of it, when do you reverse around a corner?
    I do it after every lesson to turn the car around outside my house.
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    PS Reviewer
    Turn in the road holds traffic up more. I've done it once in the 10 years since I passed my test.

    Reverse around a corner is much better.

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    Its one of those things, unfortunately. As for the reverse, you still need to observe correctly using your wing mirrors, and back window. You will be fine next time you just need to learn from your errors.

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