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    (Original post by morgan8002)
    If you have a C, then it doesn't matter for most places. Cambridge don't care about GCSE English anyway, I asked them and then applied there.
    Oh thanks, one less thing to worry about. From reading the replies I gather you're doing the exam for the third time?
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    (Original post by gagafacea1)
    Oh thanks, one less thing to worry about. From reading the replies I gather you're doing the exam for the third time?
    Third and fourth times.

    You should ask your desired Cambridge college directly just in case they have different policies. Mine was Churchill and I asked one of the maths admissions tutors on the open day and they said it didn't matter at all.

    (Original post by morgan8002)
    I have failed GCSE/IGCSE English twice (2 Ds) over the last two years. I'm retaking it twice this year, but almost definitely will fail both times. I got 28% in the mock for one of them. I am considering additional English tests, but feel I will fail them too.

    I have four offers for maths and physics (MMath/MPhys/MSci) that all include GCSE English. I have heard that universities can change offers to unconditional after A-level/STEP results come out, but how realistic/common is this?

    I will accept Bath's and Warwick's offers, which are A*AA, plus C in GCSE English. I am taking extra maths modules (FP3, FP4, maybe M3, aiming for 95-100% in each). I am aiming for A*A*A*AA, plus 1, 1, 1 in STEP, which would put me 280 UCAS points over the offer, plus the STEP grades. Would this normally be enough to make up for the lack of GCSE English?
    If this isn't enough, what A-level/STEP/other grades would I need?

    Also, assuming that I get a good degree classification for my master's degree, how much will the lack of English GCSE affect postgraduate study applications or job applications (obviously in the fields of maths or physics)?

    edit: A-levels are maths, further maths, physics, chemistry, biology.
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    I have heard most mathematicians are not good at English(don't know to what extent this is true or not)so there is no need to sweat but hope you pass this time round.

    Edit: Stressing will make things worse so i suggest you get yourself a tutor or alternatively go on Mr Bruff on youtube-he has some great English Language revision materials.
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