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Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of? Watch


    2 years ago I suddenly had to move to Reunion island with my mom and brother. This was not planned at all. We were acually on a holiday here and things with my dad got worse than it already was.
    Deciding to stay wasn't a hard decision to make for me. It was for my brother at the time. I didn't really "hit" me until very recently. My brother was able to let go and now he's moved on. But I moved on and now remembering the past, it is hard to let go.
    My life is France wasn't very bright but I had some good times and I had really supporting friends. We were working on a project together and things were really looking amazing! I was happy at school because we would meet up and talk about the project and everything.
    Besides the project, I was surrounded by two amazing friends. We were always together and sh*t went down all the time but our friendship was fun and adventurous.
    Unfortunately when I left, drama happened and they are no longer friends,which makes me sad now.
    Before I was just like "Well,they have also moved on,it was time", but now I feel like it's kind of my fault.
    If I knew things were going to turn out this way in my family, I would've told my two friends to stay together no matter what and even if it doesn't seem to work out anymore, to forgive each other for everything, so that I wouldn't feel guilty for leaving you this way.

    Now because of this feeling of guilt, I'm having a hard time letting go of them. One of the two, I completely lost contact with, but the best memories of us are still there in my heart. I'm still friends with the other and we still chat occasionally.

    Although I have moved on, I still find it difficult to let go of our golden friendship. The three of us were really something x)

    Man-flu. Be gone you tiresome blight! :begone:

    (Original post by boohoo99113)
    Curiosity again.. uh me? A relationship ended a while back with someone, like 4 months ago.. I know it's been long but I'm willing to let it go, but it takes time and I'm not really good with time. The fact that we are friends now and we talk all the time too.. actually hurts but I'm a pro when it comes to masking my feelings. Let's just say when you love, you'll always get hurt at some point.. and it hurts like a mother****ing ***** :/ excuse my French, you were saying...?
    Pretty much the same scenario actually. I decided to cut all contact with my ex, though, because things can't ever be 'normal' after breaking up (imo). How are you finding it being friends with them?

    No. I used to think it was something that I had to erase from myself and it was a burden. But it's a part of myself and I no longer look at it with a massive amount of regret.
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