Worried I could be pregnant, just need some advice :( Watch

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You can't do a pregnancy test until 3 weeks after the last episode of unprotected sex if you want it to be as accurate as possible.
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don't worry too much! an early preg test wont show anything so don't stress yourself out trying to get one. plus even if you found out now theres nothing you can do about it
try to put it to the back of your mind as theres nothing you can do at the moment and wait the two weeks till your home to do a test.
when you come home on the 7th buy a few tests for when you go back to the rural area so that you can test yourself if you panic again.
also the pill can take months to leave your system totally so you might be slightly protected by that even tho u stopped taking it, just start the new pill instead of waiting for ur period - that's what I did as mine were also irregular
it might be worth you looking into different contraception - maybe the inplant or the injection for the furture....
ive had 2 preg scares due to irregular periods (and yes unprotected sex - tho with my husband) and the waiting is terrible but you have to wait at roughly 3 weeks after sex for the test so no point in worrying too much - also pulling out reduces the likelihood of getting pregnant.

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