Is maternity pay fair? Watch

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(Original post by limetang)
Oh excellent. That's nice to be proven wrong then.

you are welcome
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(Original post by watchingyouwatch)
It is actually far less generous than you are suggesting

You only get 90% of your pay for 6 week then a maximum of £138.18 (which would be £3.45 on a 40 hour week- much less than the minimum wage) for 33 weeks - after that nothing

And I said in my previous post many business can claim 103% of maternity pay back.

If people in this thread are going to potificate on something it really is a good idea to have a vague idea of what you are talking about...

Still never let the facts get in the way of having a go
I wasn't having a go. I simply was saying that I think that the maternity pay system should be changed. I wasn't suggesting the maternity pay is pay is generous either, you would know this if you had read my post properly.

'Many businesses' - only ones that qualify for small employers relief. Other businesses can claim some money back, but this is less than the 103% that you quoted.

The average working week 36 hours, which would give you a wage of around £5. The maternity pay still lasts for 8 months, out of the 12 months women can take off for maternity leave. This is statutory maternity pay though, and I suspect most middle/large businesses would have a maternity pay package rather than paying the statutory pay too.

And I do have a 'vague idea' of what I'm talking about, but I was simply stating my opinion on how I think the maternity pay system should be changed.

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