Girls, do you expect guys to make the first move? Watch

Poll: Girls, do you expect guys to make the first move?
Yes I expect him to make the first move (21)
Nah it doesn't really matter who does it (17)
I'm a guy (34)
bittr n swt
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(Original post by Olie)
Yet only 1 more girl in the poll results say they'd expect this and already we see a few girls in the thread who say they've made the move themselves before, so there really is no need for the patronising 'are you for real?', its clearly not that stupid a question and I've heard of girls making the move before too. The girls who expect guys to make the first move are still probably the majority, but its certainly not 99.99999% as the second poster says it is.
not 99% but certainly above 80.

You can't base results based on a poll of that number size...
girls only respect guys who make a move first because they're scared and chicken to do themselves
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(Original post by Loafing.Charizard)
99.99999% of girls expect this. Haven't spoke to you in a while haha, how's it going?
While I don't think it's that high I still believe the majority of them still do, I think it's starting to change now though thankfully. It shouldn't matter who makes the first move in my opinion. I've been good thanks, feeling much more positive now as I've started to meet new people (both guys & girls) & got a few meetups planned now so hopefully I can make some new friends soon! Yourself?

(Original post by Emily.97)
Make the first move in terms of indicating an interest in somebody, of starting a conversation, or..?

Whatever it is you're referring to, absolutely not.
Starting a conversation mainly & asking out Anyway sometimes I don't even know if a girl is actually interested or just being friendly

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