20 years old and never had s girlfriend Watch

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That's a very upopular opinion but it does make me feel better about myself. It turns out there are nice people on here because I've been on here for about 5 months and a lot of people I came across are ignorant c**ts who love to make fun certain people. Why do you like my name is you don't mind asking?
Just ignore the horrible comments If the people are so mean then you shouldn't care what they think anyway. Well I have always liked names beginning with the letter 'J', but especially Jamie for some reason... Plus, even though I'm usually drawn to foreign names, I have always like Robin (I'm not actually called Robin btw aha) A boy I liked in secondary school had the surname Robinson so that might be to do with it
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(Original post by jamierobinson94)
The chances for me getting a girlfriend for an unemployed socially awkward below average looking loser with no life goals and no social life like myself is very slim. I never been on a date, I never had sex, I never kissed, I never cuddled and I never even came close holding hands with a girl. I'm a shy person especially towards girls. I'm gutted to say that not many girls find me attractive and I know for fact that most girls in today's society are so shallow they judge guys by the way they look not by their heart. I'm not a very good looking guy but I have a down to earth personality but its shame that I appear invisible to most girls.I'm not good looking (most girls think I'm ugly and weird), not popular, hardly have any friend, no job but I got offered a foundation Art and Design. My life gets more and more pointless every year. What's the point being in this **** planet if you're still going round in circles accomplish nothing but failure.I got picked on at school, I got called ugly and years I often get told that I can't get a girlfriend.I joined dating sites/social networking sites in the past such as Tagged, Meet Me, Badoo etc but I deleted my accounts because most of the girls on there were shallow and always my friend request declined which most girls think I'm unattractive. They judged me by physical appearance before they even get to know me.
I can totally understand as to why you might so bitter about yourself. People are being kinda mean pointing that out. I have issues like that as well and just to let you know, you aren't alone in this battle between emotions and ourselves. Just don't loose hope and start working on yourself from today. I guess not just to satisfy the world but yourself. Its all about realization and once you realize that you aren't as useless as you think you are, the world wont really matter. Worthwhile people will definitely be yours and unfavorable people are everywhere so take a chill pill. And good things comes to those who wait! Just rejoice thinking about how great your girl is gonna be now that you have waited for 20 years.

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