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(Original post by unclebulgaria)
Durham and St Andrews are very good universities, attracting top students, and having a posh reputation, but they are still a million miles behind Oxbridge in many areas. As an Oxbridge reject I would simply not be able to see these two as good enough to banish the demons. Had I not applied to Oxbridge at all, then that would be a different debate altogether. LSE, Imperial and UCL come closest in rivalling Oxbridge, and UCL was actually ranked number 1 for research power in the latest REF exercise.
I would again disagree that they are "a million miles behind Oxbridge". They are actually very close to Oxbridge in most subjects. For example, for Chemistry Cambridge is first, Oxford is second, Durham is third and St Andrews is sixth (was fourth last year). This is from the Complete University Guide but all the UK league tables show similar results to this. In some areas, they are actually better. For example, Durham is first for history and Cambridge and Oxford are second and third respectively. St Andrews is fourth. Seriously, if you are rejected from Oxbridge you should go and enjoy your experience at another top UK university not be constantly focussed on how you didn't get in to Oxbridge. As I have already explained, Durham and St Andrews have equally good quality research. They are just smaller so that obviously affects their results for research power etc. because they don't have as big an output. The London unis are very good unis too but they are not better and many people prefer the student experience at Durham and St Andrews which is similar to the experience at Oxbridge. Anyway, since I didn't intend to have a discussion about any of this when I started this thread I think we should stop this conversation now (at least on here - if you really want to continue our debate we can on your other thread haha).
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Well I think the fees should make your decision for you, its free in Scotland you should definitely pick St Andrews.

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