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    (Original post by Mr JB)
    I'm a British person living abroad in another European country but I'd vote for Britain to leave. I am truly fed up of the money focused, materialistic, arrogant and heartless nature of the British people, who are an embarrassment to humanity, and would rather they left and the rest of us in Europe got on with things. I'm more than happy for Britain to become the little ostracised island next to a German controlled Europe. It would be so great to wipe the smug look off so many British faces as a United States of Europe marches on, on its very doorstep.
    What bizarre delusions of grandeur. Being British is about sharing common decency, manners, respect and tolerance. Your completely refutable claims about 'British people' are far more appropriate to say about the middle classes of Asia, the Middle East and Africa who number in their hundreds of millions and subjugate their own poor. Pakistan alone has a middle class population of 70m. The combined middle class population of Africa is 300m. These 'people' are the true scum of the Earth.

    Independent islands do rather well outside of political unions, Singapore for example. The UK economy will continue to expand and reap the rewards of free trade with the rising powers in Asia while Europe collapses under the weight of its own bureaucracy. I wish you luck in the time bomb that is continental Europe.

    Poll is fairly promising for leave on here considering the young demographic of the site with older people particularly pensioners not using the site very likely to vote to leave


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