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How long did it take you to pass your driving test? watch


    I bought a car for myself after like 5 lessons and practiced in that with my dad for like 2 months and passed with 2 minors

    It took me a year of driving before my first practical test, first test i failed with 7 minors and 2 major i was so nervous,but booked again 3 month later and failed again with 5 minors 1 major,i felt like giving up n like ill never do it but i stuck with it because ive Paid all this money out and today i have finally passed with 3 minors and i cant stop crying with relief,dont give up be confident and calm,take deep breathes concentrate and ull do this,good luck x

    I have failed 5 times now. Have been learning to drive for over 3 years, I usually get 1 major n about 6/7 minors. I get told by my instructor I'm a really good driver but I just don't do well in these situations, I have done my test in two different centres. Every time I fail, I have to laugh because I know it's coming, but secretly it's driving me crazy. 3 years!! 5 times fgs!!! N to top it off my theory has just ran out, so when u guys are saying ' I've been taking lessons for months or I've failed 2/3 times. I'm like b*tch Please! ... (not to mention the cost.... oh geez( 3 n half years of a lesson a week £27 an hour 5×£62 for each test 3 failed theory test - which I've just paid for again)) ... ok. I win haha.... it's easy for people to say keep trying n I really just wana give up but truth is I've never wanted anything more.

    Took me 1 year and 8 months, 80 hours of lessons and about £1000 to pass but finally did. My instructor kept saying I wasn't test ready for over a year but he eventually told me to book it. I passed my theory within a few months of starting my driving lessons first time. My main problem was roundabouts, junctions and reversing and it took me ages to perfect them to test standard. I passed 2nd time.

    1st test- I had 8 minors and 1 serious fault. Most of the minors were for hesitation. At one point a car pulled out from a junction and had to do an emergency stop to stop going into him, thought I'd failed at that point but the examiner just told me to carry on. Turned out I hadn't failed but right at the end he told me to pull over and then join the traffic again. I went to drive off but he slammed his brakes on because there was car behind me and I forgot to check my blind spot. Knew I failed at that point and I was so gutted because I had just done a perfect bay park. The examiner I had was quite nice too

    2nd test- I had 11 minors and 0 serious faults. I took it 3 weeks after the 1st test, it was a few days before Christmas. The examiner was a prick and didn't say anything to me at all. Thought I failed doing the reverse around the corner because I hit the kerb but I only had a minor for it. When I got back to the test centre he said I was too hesitant at roundabouts and junctions, I was driving too slow at some points and nearly messed up the reverse around a corner. He sat there thinking whether to pass me or not but eventually decided to pass me but wasn't happy and told me to drive a bit faster and he passed me because it was a few days before Christmas. Even my instructor thought the examiner had been a prick about the whole thing as he thought he was being too harsh.

    Anyway, I've been driving for over a year by myself now and I'm a much better driver than back then, I'm a confident and safe driver. In my opinion it's not about how long you take to pass, it's about how long you take to become a confident safe driver. Some people pass after 10 hours and are idiots on the road whereas others take over 100 hours and still drive too slow, it all depends on you there's no specific number. I'm also still learning new things all the time even though I passed over a year ago which in my opinion is a good thing.



    I passed my driving test on my second attempt (this morning) with 5 minors.
    (I failed on the old-style test once but, passed on my first attempt of the new-style test)

    Here is a list of the 5 minors I accumulated when I passed:

    Minor 1 - observation when pulling up on the right hand side of a road.
    (this is one of the new manouveres)
    I think I forgot my 'right' blind spot.

    Minor 2 - steering control.
    I think this was referring to when I chose to drive over a pothole,
    which gave the car an almighty jerk.

    Minor 3 - signalling incorrectly.
    I really don't know what this was referring to.
    I did signal to overtake a garbage truck but, maybe it was unnecessary as everyone
    behind could clearly see it. Not sure.

    Minor 4 - use of speed.
    I was going a little too slow however, I was trying to be super duper safe and careful.

    Minor 5 - undue hesitation.
    This could have referred to a few occasions.

    If anyone is interested in how I failed my first test, then just let me know and I'll post
    what my 6 minors and 1 serious faults were.

    Just to add - I started practising my driving in my best friend's car in April 2017.
    Whilst doing this I started studying for my theory test. I went onto passing my theory test in August before having any official lessons. In September I found a driving instructor, booked my driving test for the end of October and began my official lessons. I could drive at this point but, needed an instructor to fill in any gaps and to prepare me properly for my test.

    In total I have had approximately 8 lessons, lasting 2 hours each.

    (Original post by carrott98)
    Just wondering, anyone out there who has passed, how many lessons did you take before you took your first test, and how many attempts did it take?
    30 lessons, 1st attempt, 1 minor fault.


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