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Why do African Parents do this? watch


    (Original post by Feline_Nymphet)
    It's a form of punishment. Like if someone told you, "you'll get sent back to poverty, famine and genocide," you'd be wise to shape up. It happens to many people actually, not just Africans. Polynesians do it like send their kids from Australia back to Tonga or wherever

    You need Jesus :closedeyes:
    Already do been christian since birth LOL

    (Original post by O.Ozz)
    I'm Nigerian, you see the problem is all African parents are ****ing stupid, I REPEAT, They are ****ING STUPID :mad:. Don't you know most of these gangsters from the endz are from africa and do you know why they become gangsters? because the parents abused them physically when there were younger

    I'm glad this thread was created because this morning my mum, has basically said the same thing for the past 10 years saying that she should have left me in nigeria to SUFFER :mad:. The ***** has the AUDACITY to tell me that she should have left me in Nigeria whilst she and my dad lived in London. My dad said this evening that he's thinking of me sending me to a nigerian village because my depression is contagious :mad::mad::mad:. I'm 19 ffs, i know im a loser and unlikely to go uni this year but don't be so ****ing CYNICAL TO ME.

    They think Africa is the best for stubborn teenagers. They want their own children to SUFFER ABUSE there from their grandparents/relatives. Trust me in Africa, the reason why children are disciplined is because they receive abuse from their parents. I witnessed a mum using a huge cane beating her son, i was crying inside but i had to pretend like everyone else and laugh when i was so upset

    And when shipped children come back, do they change? the result is often unlikely although they do have some sort of fear. It's seems to be a strange tradition for bad teenagers these days.
    My mum isn't stupid, don't generalise. Most likely they become gangsters for multiple reasons such as pressures of being an ethnic minority, peer pressure and may not do well in school.

    You just called your mum a *****, so I'm not surprised......

    Being sent to Africa doesn't mean they want you to be abused, it means they want you to be disciplined more, take responsibility for the decisions you make, or maybe you're too spoiled here in the UK.

    (Original post by KyraLaryea)
    Don't use your bad experience to stereotype all African parents.

    Do you understand that you've contradicted yourself so much? The reason your parents are considering sending you back because you are disrespectful, and maybe as loving parents they think this country is doing you no good.

    How can you just sit there and call your parents all names under the sun? My God.

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    How dare you

    If you think being an introvert and depresed means being disrepectful then im at a lost with this world.

    they deserve the names im calling them, my mum said i should kill myself and my dad calls me a loner everyday so i have the RIGHT TO SAY THIS.

    Lol this happened to my cousin. He's doing well now
    My mother sent my brother to Africa when he was young and he really enjoyed it
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    Thanks guys for sharing and replying to this, I had no idea it would be read so much. The way I see things is sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
    I know a friend who joined a gang then asked his dad to go back to Ghana, his own gang wanted to hunt him down.


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