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    No the writer's ideas is something else, no context. The writer's idea is what he was thinking when he was writing this but you have explain it without context. Instead talk about the theme of the play: class, gender, socialism, age, responsibility and guilt. Depending on what the question is asking. For Mr Birling you can talk about Reputation and Capitalist Ideas against Socialism. Or for the Inspector and his message at the end you can link to Class, Socialism, Guilt and Responsibility. That is what it is meant by the writers ideas
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    If anyone else has some sample answers for a 'character' question for AIC, please share. Doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it's B grade minimum! Thanks a lot!

    How I learned to structure my answer was using the mnemonic DELLTS

    Dramatic devices
    Effect on audience (for every point)
    Links to different quotes/ideas in the play
    Language (write alot about a little)
    Structure (quotes from beginning, middle and end)

    This is not necessarily the order you have to go through, It's just a quick representation what the examiners marking you on. I would reccomend getting atleast three quotes from the beginning, middle and end and applying as many of these as you can to each quote and maybe also embedding related quotes to your analysis. Also note that you DO NOT have to analyse in microscopic detail MORE THAN ONCE otherwise you maybe dropping your grade by not hitting the other mark strands and make sure you highlight they keyword in the question and use it in each paragraph.If you have time you may want to evaluate if the techniques Priestly uses is effective or not which will get you higher marks.

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    I got my English Literature exam next week Monday and I'm doing An Inspector Calls and OMAM. I need help immediately please!

    Can somebody PM me or reply here a sample answer for the character question for AIC? It'd be great if it was Mr Birling but the other characters are fine too. I need a B at least in this but I want to get an A or A*. Just looking for one paragraph so that I know what I need to write.

    In addition to that, how should I structure my paragraphs to answer this question? Like, if there's a mnemonic could you also explain that too please?

    I hope this isn't too much to ask. Thanks for the help!!
    SCITLES is a mnemonic our teacher taught us to use in our essay
    Summary, Context, Intention of the writer, Theme, Technique,Language, Effect on the reader and Structure.
    Except the S you use everything else in every PEE paragraph as well obviously analysing keywords and textual detail which will earn you high marks.
    talk about what tells us about the character, relate to theme and context if possible for each quote
    Use layers of meaning
    Hope that helps
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Updated: May 21, 2016


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