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Hungary getting dangerously tougher in response to the crisis watch


    Some country had to do it

    (Original post by BaconandSauce)
    These country's didn't sign up for this (no one has) and we have to take action before it's too late
    Im so glad Eastern European countries plus Hungary (who don't like being called it ) are standing up to this rubbish whilst the gutless Western nations lap it up. Cameron has tried to stay tough but really he knows that once they have EU ID passports that they can get into the UK anyway just like any other EU citizen. It is then that the large companies, friends of the Tories, will exploit them to their end and compress wages even further. In-work poverty will increase tenfold.

    (Original post by Magnus Taylor)
    I like it, and I think the government must do too. The media portrays the Hungary government as tough but it stops Western Europe from having to deploy their own measures
    Spot on. I'm glad I left and moved to Eastern Europe because whilst its not materialistically richer, it is advancing at a faster rate due to common sense. Investment in motorways is going good as is business and even more is coming this way due to lower taxation. Also, the political system itself is far more democratic and once the people of Eastern Europe become more accepting of capitalism and learn to embrace the economic freedoms that come with it, the economic growth in this part of the world, especially with its close ties to Asia through Turkey, will be incredible. Best to jump on the ladder early before its too late as otherwise it'll get pulled up and you'll never get a chance to do so.

    (Original post by MrKmas508)
    They can be the baddies so we don't have to be.
    Yeah, the UK, Germany and France can continue being cowards. Hungary should just let them all through to Western Europe.

    (Original post by Truth0ffends)
    Hungary is a small country, they don't want to be made foreigners in their own homeland.
    Hungary is a beautiful country. I've been fortunate enough to visit Szeged and other parts of the country. The Hungarians understand the risks of mass immigration because of the Ottoman Empire, just like Bulgarians do also. That is why there is strong resistance in this part of the world.

    (Original post by Rakas21)
    We also need Bulgaria to refuse to allow passage
    You need to do more research. Hardly anyone is getting into Bulgaria. Bulgarians don't want them here. They remember the Ottoman Empire and realise how such migration contributes to such events occurring. Unfortunately for Western Europe, you have dumb arse liberal loony politicians living away in Lala Land who think they know better, even when history tells them otherwise. Western Europe will fall victim to its own stupidity and ineptitude. The Bulgarian border with Turkey is guarded by the military and a 30 kilometre barbed wire fence.

    I honestly don't care about them getting to the UK now seeing as I emigrated. It is the fault of Western Europe for having ridiculous welfare models and being soft touches on almost everything. The more the UK take in the better because it means there's less likely to come here. Sadly, the Western governments in Europe will only learn when its too late rather than analysing historical events like the Ottoman Empire and realising just how great a threat this is to their nations well-being.

    If idiotic Britain and Germany aren't pretend to defend themselves then that is their own prerogative but they have a damn cheek to criticise countries in this part of Europe. Western Europe needs to withdraw its head from its own arse because the rest of Europe isn't as poor as it once was, is progressing and is really getting fed up of the bull**** that's coming from that way. There are more and more Brits coming to Bulgaria, Hungary and even Turkey all the time because they are fed up of that **** hole treating its native population like scum.


    Good. People who can't be bothered to take the legal route to applying for asylum should be swiftly deported.

    (Original post by Truth0ffends)

    I reject racism as its a double standard non-White people use against our race.
    White is not a race. It is a skin tone. Going by the biological classifications used widely, the refugees would also be Caucasoid.

    Popcorn gif. Merkel cant put the Genie back in the bottle. Well done dear leader Merkel

    I see Sweden are moaning now about Denmark letting them pass straight through unchallenged on their way to Malmo.
    Isn't it amazing what a few weeks makes in a countries attitude.
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