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Should I base my EPQ on desired University course? watch

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    (Original post by Alexion)
    Also, 5000 is the maximum we were told it should be between 3000 and 5000
    Really? I was told they're looking for 5000 but it's okay if you go over and if you feel you've written everything you wanted to discuss under that is fine too. That's awesome though, 5000 is a lot to write otherwise

    its probably best to do it on what you want to do at uni, youre gonna spend a lot of time on it so by showing its related to your subject really shows how you are committed to your subject

    however, maybe try to combine what you wanted to do? i wanted to do one on feminism and i wanted to study history so i did one about feminism throughout history, this could maybe work for you? good luck!
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    (Original post by aprileliza)
    Yeah I was thinking that. My supervisor recommended a minimum of 2 hours per week out of college plus more during my frees and then the 1 hour session.

    That's true, I wanted to do it on how corrupt this modern Feminism is though, how it's turned into more of a man-hating cult. I can't think of how I could link that to Psychology, though
    Yeah, the best way to motivate you to manage your time is to pick one of your frees and dedicate it to EPQ so I definitely had the two hours eg. I had a two hour & 15 minute free on a Tuesday morning which was my dedicated EPQ time (I also did most of my research in the Costa near my college which was good motivation ).
    I totally get your dilemma; I agree with people on here that it would be advantageous for it to be on psychology. However, like I said, putting it in your PS is a gamble in case you don't like it and end up dropping it.
    The other thing is, for you to be able to write 5,000 words it has to have substance and it also helps if you can find lots of literature about it to reference. Using my own example again, I really wanted to do my EPQ on zoonotic diseases and how they spread from animals to people, but there is very little literature on it that I could find & I couldn't come up with a good question for my title about it, so I wrote about bDger culling instead (it's at this point I think I should explain that I applied for vetmed which is why I picked those topics ).
    My idea for you: you don't have to decide straight away and deciding is part of your planning process, so make two spider diagrams, one about psychology and one about feminism. Then write all of the different aspects of those topics and anythong that springs to mind, like any possible titles/questions. That way you can visually compare them and decide which you can wrote more about

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