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    (Original post by callum_law)
    It's generally good, if you're OK with not living in a big city.

    It has a nice rural feel around campus (lots of trees and ****), Forum is nice and sexy (was the police station in Broadchurch, if you saw it), city centre is relatively close to campus and it has all the decent shops one would expect on a highstreet (has a Nando's as well, so your culinary desires will be most assuredly met), it's academically decent as it's part of the RG masterrace (WAHOOOO!111!!!), and it's got decent connections to the biggish city of Bristol and also access links to beaches in Exmouth (beaches which I have never visited, but people like to bang on about). 2 hours from London, if you need to see Big Ben or something. There is a very nice quay with lots of nice cafes and things like that which is definitely worth seeing.

    Bad side, if you're used to London, Exeter might come as quite a shock.

    It has about 5 nightclubs which are OKish (if that's your scene), has a fair amount of hobos (which I sincerely do not know why considering it's a small city—if you're a sociologist, maybe this could be your dissertation thesis), has a largely white student body (with a third internationals), and a lot of posh students (but most RG unis have a large portion of 'em anyway). Some of the buildings are very ugly and just absurd (Amory being a hellhole where anyone with less than a PhD in quantum mechanics is definitely going to get lost; physics building looks like a Soviet prison). It has a monstrous hill called cardiac hill which one must ascend to gain entry to most of the uni buildings—I am ambivalent about this because it is torture but one cannot help but feel triumphant once one has reached the top.

    Generally quite good. They're investing a lot so things like the old buildings are being replaced by more modern ones. Get yourself on Google Streetview.
    If only every university review were in this style. :chaplin:

    (Original post by ombtom)
    If only every university review were in this style. :chaplin:
    Why thank you, kind sir!

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