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Strong depression & No God realisation watch


    (Original post by VergeofInsanity)
    Well I have depression, and have had for a while. Recently it has been very strong because frankly in my life I feel like there is no value or purpose to it. I'm a pretty loveless guy and I feel removed from humanity.

    Then I got thinking about God and realised he can't exist. What happens in life is pure luck. You cannot determine anything. You could die any moment. You could be in love and your love dies or runs away, leaving you broken for life. You could go through life like me, being loveless and never finding the one. No amount of prayer will change these things. No amount of hard work and right attitude will mean you will find happiness as a being.

    I read a story recently of a boy born with half a skull. Poor kid ... it was a terribly sad article and had me almost in tears. Even the poor boy who has never done any harm gets totally ****ed over by society.

    This realisation has made me feel like life is totally and utterly pointless... literally that, what is the point? Just pass on to a next generation ... it's so pathetic. I mean I believe that when we die something happens to us ... but I don't believe this God and heaven malarky.

    Thoughts? Anyone wanna convince me that life is worth living?
    I'm non religious too, but I don't think life is worthless because there is no God? Life is what you make of it. There is only this life, so why not make it a great and happy one and help other people? I feel fulfilled without religion, and you should too.

    Life is pointless, no amount of desperate rationalising will change that.

    I see that, however, as incredibly liberating.It means that your life is truly yours to do with what you will, to do what you want when you want without having to live up to certain expectations or reach certain arbitrary milestones on order to consider yourself successful.
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    Quote button not working for me atm... hellodave5 is completely right when s/he says "[m]eaning in life has only that which you ascribe to it". Whether you have a belief in God or not, it stands true. Religious people do not automatically have some meaning in life just because they think there is an afterlife; equally, non-believers do not automatically have some meaning in life, just because they believe we only get one chance and have to make the most of it.

    As stated, meaning in life is entirely what you make of it and is highly personal to you. It need not be big, huge ambitions. I suffer from schizoaffective disorder depressive type and have severe depressive episodes at least once a year, if not more! When I'm ill, meaning in life can be found in tiny things, like struggling to go out for a cheeky Nando's with my sister, but somehow managing it. Life is all about the small victories and those moments in life where we can stop and see the beauty of things around us and the people in our lives, as well as of course our own beauty as a person.

    For me personally, life is worth living because of the people in it. Sure, there are some **** people and sure, I haven't had an easy time dealing with said **** people. But there is a lot of good in the world too. Don't lose hope, and seek help from your GP/a psychiatrist ASAP. Not because you are in danger or anything, but because you do not deserve to be miserable! :nah:

    FWIW, I don't feel I will ever have a romantic partner, but that doesn't have to be one's only aim in life! I sincerely hope you will find a romantic partner of your choosing and that they will make you happy, but it's hardly the only thing to aspire for in life.

    Life is what you make of it!

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