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    (Original post by Flux_Dubstep)
    Yeah I'm never taking plastic on a night out again haha

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    How supportive are your parents?
    Some you could confess to and they would tut and then help out.
    Others would laugh/disown you/ pull you out of uni etc.

    If supportive, go to them.
    Say 'I've done something stupid', then pause dramatically, and they will be so glad it isn't worse that they should help.

    (and say you've learnt your lesson by never taking plastic on a night out again)

    Of course if they're really poor, eating gruel every meal, it might be better to stay quiet

    £300? That's crazy. Banks love giving students overdrafts and they give you so much time to pay it off aswell. I suggest you find a Christmas job to tie you over too.

    I always take cash out with me to make sure I don't overspend, spread between different pockets.

    (Original post by Flux_Dubstep)
    So, I'm a student down near Bighton, and this weekend I returned home to see my friends. Us all being students, we all went out for the night. Now, before this night out my financial situation was good, had no debt, and a comfortable budget to last the year.
    However, I visited a slightly dodgy club last night, and made the massive mistake of paying on card. I came home to a receipt of £300 from just one transanction. I'm in no way trying to get this money back, its my fault it ended like this.
    On this night out, I also managed to take a large amount of cash out as well throughout the night.
    So essentially, I now have less than £30 to last until Christmas. I was up all night last night worrying about this, as I don't currently have an overdraft enabled on my account. I'm going to apply to get this changed tomorrow when the office is open. But I'm scared they won't allow it to be done if I such low balance, since my friend had to deposit £500 to have his santander over draft opened.
    For information, I'm with Barclays and have been since I was about 16, so got automatically changed to the student account without being given the option for an overdraft.

    Help I don't know what to do
    These things happen, it's not the end of the world, just don't do it again obvs.

    Why don't you have an overdraft? That's about the rookiest student error I know to be honest. I've got £1500 to blow, if I want to go all Jordan Belfort.

    Do you have a job at the moment? If you don't get one ASAP, catering agency work is very easy to come by see what you've got in your town.

    (Original post by SerotoninAddict)
    Do you have any family members that can give you some money to tide you over until you can get an overdraft sorted? If Barclays won't give you one then I would switch to another bank, but this may take a few days.
    This, I've got a 0% overdraft with Santander but I activated the account in 2013, so you'd have to look at what's available now.
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