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    (Original post by Vicky628)
    Equal pay for equal work.

    If you do the same job, you deserve the same pay, regardless of gender. Yes,there are hurdles for getting into the profession ~ girls in science, say, and boys in nursing or whatever ~ but even in these industries there is different wages, for instance female managers get paid less that male managers for identical work. That's the problem
    If a woman had the same years of experience, worked the same hours, was in the same company, and was just as productive and asked for the same wages, but she was still paid less, then that would be illegal and grounds for a hefty lawsuit. It's not something firms tend to want to risk.

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, even within certain fields and roles, women tend work a different number of hours, have different career goals, and prioritize their lives differently (on average). Rather than this more logical reason for the gap, however, what people are suggesting is that employers across the western world are blatantly discriminating and ignoring the law, but somehow manage to avoid getting fined and sued inside out on a daily basis.

    The is an earnings gap but it isn't down to sexism.
    Its apples and oranges as explained by countless economists.
    Surgeons were held up as an example in one recent report as men earn more than women. The feminist Christina Hoff Sommers did a little research and it turns out that male surgeons,on average, work 500 hrs a year more than female. All but wiping out the earnings gap.

    Men, on average,
    Work longer hours,
    Work in more dangerous dirty (subsequently better paying) occupations.
    Travel further to get higher paying posts
    Negotiate harder for more money as opposed to better work life balance.
    Take less time off
    Choose higher paying fields (fields totally open to women)
    But most significantly of all, men don't go out of their way to marry people that earn more than them.
    If women didn't do this in spades as they do then they would be the main wage earners and men would be free to take on the major child care. Then men's incomes over their lifetime would drop as their spouses rose.
    Women under 34 that have never married and never had children earn on average 8% more than men never married and childless.
    The big change is when they decide to have children.
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