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What are the good and bad parts of University? watch

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    Very Important Poster

    -More freedom, more spare time.
    -You don't have to attend lectures (at least in my uni).


    -You're taught theories in a red brick uni and you're not learning hard skills which employers actually value.
    -A lot more cliquey than in school. Don't assume that if you were popular in school, that you would be automatically popular at uni too.
    -The debt.
    -No more community feel, unlike in school.
    -That uni doesn't help you more with a job. My mother's uni actually went out of its way to ensure that no graduate was just lost seeking for a job. I learned about CV robots by myself, with no help from anyone. My state school (!) actually helped people with getting apprenticeships, and while some of my classmates are chartered accountants making decent salaries, I'm a uni graduate on JSA.

    Tbh, I preferred school to uni.

    good - for me, friends, course, grade i got
    bad - my lack of motivation, lack of socialising

    therefore, find your groove and go for it

    Good -
    - a fresh start (can get without going to uni, just move to a new place)
    - meet loads of new people (this can be hard)
    - societies (okay these are pretty cool, but can have some nasty people or cultures embedded in them)
    - independence (again, can get this without uni. I actually think it's a trick step up, you won't be 100% independent in first year at all)

    Bad -
    - course is so boring (at least mine is)
    - group projects with people who don't pull their weight
    - annoying other students ruining course
    - wrecked my confidence
    - living conditions aren't great
    - get ill often

    Overall I really don't think its worth it. Whatever good I am getting out of uni I can do better if I worked. I am a first year planning to drop out at Christmas.

    Good: Meeting friends, clubs and societies, studying something you enjoy and are passionate about. Getting a good career.

    Bad: Finance, always being in debt, never having any money, tuition fees, having to sacrifice important study or lectures to do extra hours working to pay bills etc.
    Books are very expensive.
    As for photocopying, get a portable scanner from amazon! Can take it into library, copy papers etc It will save you a lot of money!

    Best the social life going into your subject so far you find what you wan too specialise in and the independence and anything not mentioned below.

    Worst the mont your parents leave is indescribably terrifying and exams.

    - Easier to make friends as there are more people who share similar views and etc.
    - Focusing on a subject you enjoy, therefore more motivation to work hard and do well.

    - Afraid certain friends are using you for your so-called intelligence to help with assignments
    - Commuting to uni can be kind of tiring and etc, but I guess it could be worse

    The worst part, with out a shadow of a doubt; Club reps.

    (Original post by TabulaSmaragdina)
    This is exactly the reason why kids are rushing off to university, and 1)wasting 3 + years doing things they could do themselves or with a tutor in a shorter time period. And wasting money (2)loans will never 100% enable you to support yourself)

    3)Food for thought. Look at Imperial's Mathematical Finance Msc and a typical Econ and Maths/ Mathematical Finance/ etc... degree and tell me if the difference in the quantity of content at Bsc and Msc justify the Bsc being at least 2 years longer.
    1) Nope I definitely could not do my course myself without university, I simply would not have the facilities to do so. Laboratory equipment is very expensive, and for the career I want you will be laughed out the door without a degree. So tell us again how I'm wasting 3+ years doing something I could do without uni.

    2) I support myself just fine on my student finance, in fact I have saved over £1k so far and will have around 2k in savings by the end of this academic year.

    3) Matsers and Bscs are worlds apart, especially research masters.

    Long story short, you have no idea.

    At OP:
    Worst is:
    -group work with incompetent people who could potentially drag your grade down.
    -Exams, **** I just hate exams.
    -It's hard.

    Best is:
    -It's an opportunity to meet some great people
    -Independence and living in the "real world" ... a lot of people don't like this one. I personally love it and dread the thought of having to go back "home".

    Pros: Meet new friends from all over the world, fresh start and can find yourself

    Cons: Work, financial issues

    Good: More independence, studying something you actually really want to, making new friends and all the possibilities that come with living away from home if you decide to

    Bad: Stressful, very

    Good: free time, independence, lots of people to meet, hobbies to pursue
    Bad: potential loneliness if you don't fit in, work if you have a bad course, homesickness, feeling of unproductively as many courses are a complete doss
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